Sunday, April 19, 2015

Mudroom Floors

Progress continues in the mudroom. When we purchased the house almost 17 years ago, the floors were painted a grey porch paint. As mentioned in my previous post, we suspect this mudroom had been an exterior or partially-enclosed porch originally. Over the years, the paint has been coming off the floors here and there. Sometimes when I'd vacuum this room with the power nozzle, large chips of paint would get sucked off the floor, adding to the lovely appearance.

Below is a "before" photo of the mudroom floor. That's right, this is before the scraping! We joke that this is My Little Bungalow's "dirty little secret." I'm embarrassed to show you, but this is a renovation post after all. Gotta show the ugly as well as the pretty. Over the years, some friends and neighbors have said they thought the floors had "character." I think they were just being nice.

My husband used a scraper and a lot of elbow grease to remove the paint from the majority of the floor. Along the far wall (behind my husband in the photo below) the paint was more adhered, so he used Jasco Premium Paint & Epoxy Remover, which helped, but it still required a lot of muscle! This paint stripper product has very little odor, but it is a toxic chemical nonetheless. Fortunately he only had to use it on a small area for a short period of time. With a fan running and the door open, there was plenty of ventilation. I kept offering to help, but hubby declined my "assistance."

I asked him to smile for this photo, but this was the best he could do. He said it wasn't really a "smiling moment." Poor guy. Such hard work! Thank goodness it's a small space.

After scraping, he did some light sanding to get the rough spots out. I'm happy with the condition of the wood underneath the paint. It's cool to see it in its natural color. Without thinking, I blurted out that maybe we should stain the floors instead of painting them. That idea didn't go over too well. The condition isn't that good, plus we have the primer and paint already purchased. Nothing was said, I just got one of those looks (smile)

Stay tuned for more updates, including the final color of the floor, which may be different from what we first chose.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Mudroom Progress

We are making progress on the mudroom (and by "we" I mean my husband). Hubby's hand is healed after having surgery on it in early March, and the weather is now warm enough to leave the door and window open while he is painting. We had an absolutely gorgeous weekend, and Paul worked steadily through it, which makes me love and appreciate him even more!  

I'm so pleased with the how things are looking; I thought I'd share some "before and after" pictures with you. 

First, a couple of shots of the ceiling, before and after. The original tongue and groove was charming, but had suffered water damage, so we covered it with a similar style of bead board and gave it a good coat of white paint. Paul spray painted the chrome of the light fixture black -- much more economical than purchasing a new fixture. In decorating, I absolutely love contrast between light and dark, so the black fixture against the white ceiling is one of my favorite details in the room so far. 

Ceiling before:

Ceiling after:

Ceiling: Snowbound SW 7004 
Walls: Aesthetic White SW 7035
Trim: Bleeker Beige, Benjamin Moore 

 The door to the basement was in rough shape. Paul did a lot of caulking and patch work before painting it. We believe this mudroom used to be an exterior or semi-enclosed porch, which would explain the door style, the window to the right of the door and the tongue and groove ceiling (same as the original on our front porch). Eventually we may replace it with a new door with frosted glass panes. But for now this door looks a hundred times better!

The glass doorknob is one of several we purchased years ago at a local antiques store. A whole slew of these doorknobs and brass escutcheons were salvaged from a hotel that was demolished many, many years ago. We bought enough for all the doors in our house. The metal escutcheon below is probably original to the house (and yes, it appears to have been installed upside down). There used to be a plain round knob there, so we just replaced it with the glass one. As you see in the "after" photo, my husband painted the door and the escutcheon, which I think makes the knob stand out better.

Door to basement before:



Next up: the floor! My husband is going to strip the paint, at least what's left of it (just wait until you see the photos!). You can check out the floor paint color we selected here

I'm going to custom order a piece of furniture this week, which should help with our storage needs. It's from Room & Board and is made in Wisconsin (my hubby's birthplace). The down side: it takes 5 weeks to deliver. Oh well, patience is my middle name.

Once the furniture is here, I'll order the natural shades. Here you can see the different styles I was considering. We decided on Lhasa in Cocoa (the last photo).

The inside of the exterior door will also be painted. Not sure yet if we'll use the floor color or the trim color. Eventually we'll replace this door with a Craftsman style wood door, and then replace the outside light with a Craftsman style fixture. There's always something on the list, especially with an old house. Our house turns 93 this year!

Stay tuned for more! And for some fabulous mudroom inspiration, check out my Mudrooms board on Pinterest.

As always, thanks so much for visiting My Little Bungalow.

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