Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Tree and Some Garland

Today we bought our Christmas tree. We've been going to the same tree lot for years because it's close to home, the sellers are very nice (and always drop the price for us), and most important, the trees are good quality. We put our tree up about two weeks before Christmas and take it down some time in January, usually after the 6th. Tonight we'll decorate it while listening to our favorite Christmas music, like "A Charlie Brown Christmas."

We also bought some garland to decorate with. Paul attached it to the porch railing and around the front door, then he added white lights to the railing. There was enough garland left over for the window sills and the mantle, below.  

I love the green tile on the fireplace. It was the first thing I saw when I first walked through the door and I thought it was so pretty. Notice the Craftsman design of the brackets below the mantle. The steeple clock is from the 1800's. When we bought it there was no face, but we like seeing the gears and inner workings. The sunset photos were taken by Paul and the antique green vase is a piece of Weller pottery. I love how its color goes with the tile. The fireplace was originally coal burning, so it's very small inside. Some day we want to convert it to a gas coal basket.

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  1. What lovely photos of your home- I feel like I've come for a visit! I guess this is the next best thing to actually being there. Your mantle display is just gorgeous! Love it.


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