Sunday, December 5, 2010

Vintage Christmas Ornaments

A couple of weekends ago, I bought these vintage ornaments at an antiques mall. They are so delicate. It amazes me they have stood the test of time. The small gold one is 100 years old, according to the seller's tag. Searching for and bringing home these lovely, delicate ornaments really puts me in the holiday spirit.

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  1. I found your blog by way of your comment on Stephen Andrew Jones' blog. I'm posting this comment here, because it's sad to see a blog post without a comment! (Especially a holiday-themed one - 'tis the season!)

    I've enjoyed my Sunday afternoon with a mug of tea, sitting beside the wood-stove with my kitties by my side, reading through your wonderful blog. I'm charmed by your writing, your beautiful photos, and your enthusiasm for baking, knitting, doggies, and home "stuff". I love your sense of style!

    Alas, I have a metric ton of glass Christmas ornaments. I've stopped buying them, both vintage and new, because things have...ahem...gotten out of control!

    This December we'll be getting a new puppy, so I think the tree will have to wait until next year, but you've inspired me to bring a few out and display them in cylindrical vases out of harm's way.

    Thanks for the inspiration! I've bookmarked My Little Bungalow, and will stop by on my internet rounds. It's always nice to add something to the old repertoire. In the interim, greetings from our little corner of paradise near Montreal, Quebec, to you and yours!


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