Monday, December 13, 2010

Vintage Holiday Postcards

I have a small collection of vintage postcards, most of them Christmas-themed. Cards like these can be readily found at antiques malls. They are usually quite inexpensive, but recently I saw some gorgeous ones that were as much as $25 each. They were in pristine condition, and they featured Santas in all shapes and sizes. They were quite lovely. The cards in my collection cost anywhere from 50 cents to about $4.00 apiece. They provide a nice, old-timey feel for very little money.

What appeals to me most are the illustration and old-fashioned typefaces. But I also like cards with good postmarks. As you see below, these are from the early 20th century: 1909 and 1911. Others are a bit later: 1917 and 1924, around the time our house was built. During the holidays I like to display these cards in a little green, mid-century planter. The one above is marked Cookson.

The messages are also fun to read. One card was sent to a Mr. Davis in Maine. It reads, "Hope your indigestion is better Ernest and that you will have a Merry Xmas and a happy New Year." I'm sure the sender never imagined her postcard would end up in a box at an antiques store!

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