Friday, January 21, 2011


Years ago, my friend Diane taught me and several other women at work how to knit. Diane, an avid knitter, is also a patient teacher. Some mornings I'd show up with my latest project in hand, a dropped stitch or other problem needing Diane's help. Eventually I learned how to fix those problems myself.

Learning to knit was a bit frustrating at first, but once I got the hang of it, I loved it. I couldn't wait to experiment with different yarns and various needle sizes. I learned how to knit on circular needles so that I could make a 26" x 60" throw, which was a labor of love, to say the least!

As much as I've enjoyed knitting all these years, I've never advanced beyond the knit stitch or the making of scarves. On the one hand, this is okay because I LOVE scarves. In the winter, I wear them almost daily, indoors and out. On the other hand, I know that variety would make knitting more interesting and challenging. Some day I would like to knit a cap for my husband, a sweet pair of baby booties for an expectant friend, even a sweater for myself. Perhaps one of my goals for 2011 should be to finally learn the purl stitch and broaden my horizons in the world of knitting. If are you reading this, Diane, take note: I'll probably need a few lessons.

This grey scarf is my favorite. It's soft, lightweight and warm, and can be worn fall, winter and spring. The yarn is a cashmere/silk/cotton blend that I bought at Purl Soho, a charming store in New York City that I visited with Diane. It was her first trip to the city, and Purl was on her list of places to see. On my list was Magnolia Bakery for one of their famous cupcakes. Both were great choices.

On a return trip to New York, I went back to Purl and bought another skein of the same grey yarn. I'm nearly finished with my second scarf so I will have a backup, just in case. I'm using number 5 needles to create a small stitch, which is perfect for this delicate yarn.

This multi-colored scarf is made from a Japanese wool, which my husband actually picked out when I took him along with me to the knitting store one day. This was a fun yarn to work with because of the variations in color. With every few rows, the scarf took on a new look. This scarf is very warm, and perfect for keeping out the winter chill.

Over the years, I've made many other scarves in addition to these. My first was a charcoal grey wool made using medium sized needles. It continues to be one of my favorites. Another, made from a yarn that has a bit of mohair in it and a little metallic thread, is fuzzy, colorful and fun. I've also knitted numerous scarves and given them to family and friends. It's a great feeling to give gifts that I've put my time and care into making by hand.

Are you a knitter? What are your favorite things to make?


  1. Claudia, I would love to get together for a lesson. I am so glad that you enjoy knitting. You will learn to purl in no time. Happy knitting! Diane

  2. Your photos keep getting better and better! The grey scarf is just gorgeous- you inspire me! Perhaps one day you can teach me to knit??!!


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