Monday, February 7, 2011

Molten Mocha Cakes

If you're looking for something decadent to make for your sweetie this Valentine's Day, try these amazing molten mocha cakes. This Everyday Food recipe is easy to make. Really! I made them after dinner the other night and since I had most of the ingredients pre-measured, it didn't take long to prepare. They taste better than most desserts you'll get at a restaurant, in my opinion. The recipe makes two little cakes, perfect for a romantic dinner at home with your special Valentine. Enjoy with a sparkling dessert wine -- one of our favorites is Villa Lanata Moscato D'Asti (around $15 at Total Wine).

True to its name, the center of the cake is gooey and warm, with just a hint of coffee flavor (I used decaf instant coffee rather than espresso powder).

I bought these dessert plates at an antiques store many years ago, but they are not antiques. When visiting my best friend shortly after buying these plates, I discovered she had the same set! She had purchased hers at a consignment store. There are two more: one green and one purplish-blue. They have an iridescent quality to them, and are perfect for a special dessert such as this.


  1. Looks delciious- I made a similar recipe recently that also had cinnamon- added a nice kick. I had forgotten all about these dishes- they didn;t make it out west with me for some reason. They are so lovely!

  2. Looks yummy! I love that the recipe makes just enough for two, perfect for Valentine's Day.

  3. Hey Claudia. I just wanted to let you know I just got my first issue of Everyday Food in the mail. Yeah!! There are definately some really good recipes in there. The magazine will be an inspiration to diversify our kitchen. Thanks so much for thinking of us. This recipe looks like it is to die for. We don't usually do much of anything for Valentine's day, but maybe I'll suprise Brian with these. Love ya. Lindsay

  4. Looks like chocolate is the Valentine's Day dinner go-to this year! Your little molten choccie treats look heavenly.
    Millie x

  5. Oh I just had to let you know, my kids love you...and that gorgeous dessert!!!, they are all chocoholics, thank you

  6. These look so yummy can't wait to try them.


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