Friday, March 11, 2011

The Bathroom, "After"

Our little bungalow has one bathroom. Just one. This is sufficient most of the time. There are only two of us, after all. But can you imagine a family of 10 having to share one tiny bathroom? More on that in a future post ...

Meanwhile, I thought I'd show you some "after" photos of our bathroom, which we remodeled years ago (sorry, I don't have any "before" photos). I really love this room and the materials we selected: off-white subway tile, a Craftsman-style wood vanity and toilet from Lowe's, a medicine cabinet from Rejuvenation Hardware, light fixture from Restoration Hardware, glass shelf, toilet paper holder and double towel bar from Pottery Barn, and a ceramic tile floor.

On the shelf is a vintage Jadeite vase that holds cotton swabs and an antique apothecary jar with its original label. The bathroom cup is also Jadeite. On the commode, a vintage planter holds soaps. Installation of the medicine cabinet was actually the most challenging part of the entire renovation. In the wall was a vent pipe -- a very hard, metal pipe -- that needed to be cut and rerouted, and in doing so, the plumber's saw went straight through the plaster wall in the next room! No renovation project is without its problems, right?

Years ago, my mother made the shower curtain below out of a bed sheet to match her bedroom set. I believe it's a Laura Ashley pattern. Mom was good with a sewing machine; she made bedspreads, window curtains, shower curtains. Sadly, I did not inherit her talent. This shower curtain isn't fancy, and I realize a new one might improve the look of the room. But Mom has been gone 10 years now, and her homemade curtain is a lovely, daily reminder of her. I just can't part with it.

The "Rest Room" sign is an antique from a commercial establishment, and has a wonderful patina to it. We purchased ten antique glass doorknobs and brass escutcheons at a salvage shop, and replaced all the doorknobs in the house with them; they had been saved from a local 1920s-era hotel before it was torn down. These beautiful glass knobs replaced some rather unattractive metal ones that were probably not original to the house.

In the shower was a wood-framed window that someone had covered with a sheet of clear plastic and some awful plastic mini-blinds -- a nightmare to keep clean. Not long after we bought the house, my husband replaced them with a sheet of frosted Plexiglass. It was a good temporary solution. When we remodeled the bathroom, we replaced the window with this beautiful glass block. The diamond pattern has more of an old-timey look than your standard wavy patterned glass block, and it also provides more privacy. When the sun shines through, the diamonds create beautiful prisms.

The last items purchased for the bath were these two beveled mirrors found at a local antiques store. The shop owner went to England frequently on buying trips, and these mirrors were once part of antique English dressers. I love their imperfections and the way they add depth to the room and fill the wall space like artwork.


  1. Very, very nice! Your attention to detail is impeccable, everything is spot on. I love the medicine cabinet. Even the addition of the jadite accessories support the story.

    And I think the shower curtain is just perfect!

  2. I love those mirrors. What a great find.

    Using the vintage door knobs is a great touch, too!

  3. Love the glass block and the medicine cabinet. Also subway tile is my favorite. Looks very cute.

  4. I love the bathroom. I have never seen a toilet with a wooden? top to the tank but it goes perfectly. Lana


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