Saturday, March 5, 2011

Vintage Planters

I enjoy collecting and vintage planters are fun to collect because they're easy to find.  I like the hunt for them at antiques store and then finding the right spot for them at home. Some people may think they're ugly, but I find them charming, sweet and nostalgic. When these pieces were produced in the early to mid-20th century, they were inexpensive, utilitarian objects. Many have irregularities or imperfections that occurred during the glazing and firing process. That doesn't bother me, but I won't buy a piece that is chipped. I've been lucky to find these pots at very good prices. The four round ones above are by McCoy. The rectangular one in back is marked Imperial F72 - USA.

I like to grow succulents, and even have a Pinterest board focusing on these cute little plants. These vintage planters are perfect for growing succulent cuttings. From one large jade plant, I've started many baby plants, including the tall one in the photo above. 

The McCoy planter above has a bamboo design, and is a recent score from an antiques shop. The copper pot on the right is one that my parents brought back with them from their trip to Paris, France, in 1967. I actually have two of the copper pots they bought there.

The tall vase is McCoy. I adore the color and the swirly pattern. The green planter is also McCoy.

The stacked planters above are marked Cookson 926 and 106. I like the patterns and the color green.

The orange pot is McCoy as is the green one with the Greek key-like pattern. I really like the orange one, as orange is my favorite color (actually, both orange and green are my favorite colors!).

Are you a collector? What do you like collecting, and why? Please leave a comment by clicking on "Comment" below. I'd love to hear from you! Thanks for visiting My Little Bungalow. 


  1. Very nice, pics look great too! Looking forward to next post.

  2. I love the pots they look wonderful. Batya

  3. Your orange one is my favourite - gorgeous shape and pattern. I'd love to stumble across a nice vintage planter for my place. P.S Thanks for the birthday wishes you left me :) Enjoy your week x

  4. These are all great and I run into them all the time in antique stores. Love the green especially!

  5. I have several of the ones you show. I have the orange one but in green and the exact aqua one. They are fun to collect.

  6. You do have a lot pf pottery...I just realized this post was about a year ago...I have a few of the same pieces. I do love McCoy!


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