Sunday, May 15, 2011

A Visit to the Dairy Farm

We love goat cheese, and our favorite comes from Goat Lady Dairy, a small regional dairy farm. Recently the farm had their spring open house. The goats and kids are so sweet and friendly with people because, as I learned, they are bottle-fed from the moment they are born, allowing them to imprint on humans. The farm also has a nice variety of chickens, an organic vegetable garden, ponds, meadows and 200-year-old log buildings. The farm's three important missions are:
   1. To supply fresh, seasonal, local food
   2. To provide education about local food, soil ecology, organic production and farm biology
   3. To provide community outreach through community-supported agriculture (CSA)

Here are some photos I took during our visit.

A sleepy baby goat

Honeybees play an important role on the farm

A young helper in charge of the hen house
holds a beautiful Golden Polish 
What a face!
The largest of the male goats, who are kept separately from the females

A highlight of the open house was the goat cheese tasting! From a Camembert to an earthy smoked cheese to spreadable cheeses in flavors ranging from orange to roasted red pepper, all were amazingly delicious. We left with two rounds of a cheese called Sandy Creek which is marbled with grapevine ash, and two containers of spreadable goat cheeses, one jalapeno and one basil and garlic. When we arrived home, we enjoyed our cheeses with some crackers and Riesling wine on the front porch. It was a perfect end to a delightful day.

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  1. I love goat cheese! I also love your bungalow and your pups;)

    happy week!


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