Sunday, July 31, 2011

Scenes from the Farmers' Market

Another trip to the market! This one is only 10 minutes from our home. I bought a patty pan squash, a yellow summer squash, four ears of corn, organic potatoes, and a beautiful head of cauliflower (not local, unfortunately, but from an organic farm in CA). My friend bought blackberries, blueberries ... and quail eggs

What a nice use of old enamelware bowls ... they make a pretty display. There are so many tempting things at the market. I try not to go crazy and buy too much because I hate to throw away food that goes bad before it can be used. But, I usually regret passing up certain things like these tomatillos for making salsa verde (in the bowl behind the hot peppers).

Little yellow "garden peach" tomatoes were adorable and so soft with their velvety skins! I wanted to buy some, but the seller was very busy, so I decided to come back later ... and then forgot. Maybe she'll have some next weekend.

 A variety of heirloom tomatoes ...

Pretty, speckled quail eggs which my friend took home.



  1. SUCH beautiful photos... SUCH beautiful produce and eggs. I find myself disappointed, however; that what I have believed to be THE source for LOCAL products, actually sells "imported" produce as well. : (


  2. Just a footnote about the California-grown cauliflower. As the farmer noted, cauliflower is difficult to grow in most climates (it does not like extreme heat) and does best in areas like CA. He has researched the farm he buys from, which grows organic produce, and his price beats the grocery store. And most of what he was selling was grown on his farm.

  3. I don't know why photos of fruits and vegetables are always so alluring. Maybe it's the beautiful colors.

    What does one do with quail eggs? Mini omelets?

  4. Steve, I think you're right -- it's the lively colors of fruits and veggies that make them so pretty and fun to photograph. Regarding the quail eggs, my friend actually gave them to her friend whose last name is the same as the bird! So I Googled "quail egg recipes" and it appears you can pickle them, or even make an omelet with them. But it takes two dozen eggs for an omelet.


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