Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Antique White Coverlet

In the warm summer months and early fall, this antique white coverlet takes the place of our heavy winter comforter. To keep things simple, I use the same throw pillow, which coordinates with the dust ruffle, and the same pillow shams. I love the bright, fresh look of white in the summer. The pattern on this coverlet is beautiful. It may be solid white, but there is so much texture and such a pretty design. The border around the edge is a sweet polka dot pattern. The second and third photos show the flower design in detail. We purchased this at an antiques show from a woman who specializes in textiles. She explained that this coverlet, and several others like it, had been used in an early 20th century boarding house. One thing I love about antiques and vintage items is their history. Where have these things been, and what stories do they have to tell? 


  1. I think they call those Martha Washington bedspreads. What are wall and trim colors? I love that you painted the trim darker than the walls.

  2. Hey Steve, the walls are Sherwin-Williams Dover White and the trim is Benjamin Moore Bleeker Beige. The trim was this color when we bought the house and we liked that it was darker than the walls, so when Paul repainted the house we matched the trim color and Bleeker Beige was a perfect match. I like the way it makes the wide trim work stand out. Thanks for your comment!

  3. How wonderful to have a lovely coverlet with a history. I also love simplifying the bedding the summer months.

  4. Love your blog - must discovered it - wonderful bungalow home you have!! I'm going to catch up on all of your prior posts.


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