Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Fresh Flowers

I purchased this sweet little bouquet of flowers at the farmers market for only $6. I think dahlias are my favorite flower ... I love their vibrant colors. We grow dahlias in our flower garden. They produced beautiful blooms earlier in the season, but the intense heat is taking a toll on them. I love how an arrangement of fresh flowers perks up a room, don't you? What's your favorite flower, and what kind of arrangement do you prefer?

These little white dahlias are from our garden.
I love how they look in this miniature vase in the bathroom.


  1. I love dahlias too. Mine have performed terribly this year. They're only about 1 foot high. I don't hold out much hope for blooms this year.

  2. Your white dahlias are beautiful displayed as you have them. I too love fresh flowers in our home, my favourite probably being a simple arrangement of Double Delight roses from our garden as their scent is amazing. I actually have 'flowers' written on my list for the shops this morning aqs I thought our place needed a bit of brightening up - your arrangement is so lovely and colourful and vibrant! x


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