Friday, August 26, 2011

Taste of Summer

Summer markets are full of corn and zucchini. When we purchased a dozen ears of corn earlier this summer, I found myself searching for new recipes to use it up. I made a pot of corn and potato chowder as well as the tasty corn and zucchini salad below. The veggies are raw, so there's no cooking involved. Cut the kernels off several ears of corn (to equal 2 cups) and thinly slice one medium zucchini. Toss the veggies with a couple tablespoons of fresh cilantro (I used Vietnamese coriander from our garden; it tastes very similar to cilantro but tolerates the heat better), a couple tablespoons each of olive oil and fresh lime juice, and some salt and pepper. It's that simple! The next time I make this salad, I think I'll add a bit of minced jalapeno pepper to give it a little heat.

When it comes to corn, what is your favorite way to eat it? Do you prefer white or yellow? In our house, my husband prefers yellow corn. I like both. However, the markets and stores in our area mostly sell white corn and sometimes we can find checkerboard, but rarely do we see yellow corn. So for this salad, we mixed in a little yellow corn from the freezer, which made Paul happy.

The green glass container below, by the way, is a vintage refrigerator dish, which I collect. They are plentiful in antiques shops and I enjoy looking for ones in unusual shapes, sizes and colors.

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