Thursday, September 1, 2011


Lucky me, I have two neighbors who have large fig trees in their yards. Fortunately, my neighbors are generous and share their figs. Once the fruit starts to ripen, the picking begins. I have always liked dried figs, but it was only last year that I realized how delicious fresh figs are. My favorite way to eat them is on top of vanilla yogurt with a generous drizzling of honey -- what a delicious breakfast! 

These figs need more time on the tree. Hopefully the birds won't get to them first.

This bounty was only part of what was picked the other evening. I devoured four or five tasty, ripe figs straight off the tree. So delicious!

And here they are, ready to be enjoyed for breakfast on a late August morning.


  1. They're beautiful. We can grow them so they seem so foreign. I had some friends growing up whose parents were from Italy and I remember their family from the old country used to send them gifts and instead of styrofoam peanuts, they used figs as packing material. So that's what I think of whenever I see figs.

  2. That is so wild! What an unusual way to use figs -- packing material! Thanks for sharing this.


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