Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Fair

Rides, carnival games, deep-fried candy bars. These are the things many people go to the fair for. But what I love most about the fair are the animals. Maybe it's because I'm a city girl, but I'm fascinated by farming and the country life. I admire farmers for their hard work and contributions, and I think they are largely underappreciated. One of the highlights of this year's fair was an enlightening conversation my husband and I had with a friendly dairy farmer. We asked many questions about his Jersey cows and milk production, all of which he graciously answered. Cows are such sweet looking creatures, aren't they? Look at this girl's big, dark eyes -- and that nose! I could kiss it.

The poultry exhibit was undoubtedly my favorite! I'm fascinated by the amazing number of roosters and chickens with their beautifully colored feathers, varying shapes and sizes, and unique range of crowing sounds (which made me giggle nearly every time). These birds are so jerky and camera shy that it was quite a challenge to get good, clear photos of them, but here are some that turned out well.

Buff Orpington
Golden Sebright bantam hen

Silver Sebright bantam rooster

A beautiful Komorner pigeon. See how she's keeping an eye on me?
Lovely purple feathers on this Komorner pigeon.
An elegant Modena pigeon. Isn't he a beauty?
More sweet cows ... they were a bit easier to photograph than the birds!

In the end, we didn't indulge in cotton candy, giant turkey legs or deep-fried Oreos. But the roasted corn on the cob was delicious! We passed on the wild rides, but enjoyed the exhibit hall where canned goods, cakes and photos were displayed. We saw giant pumpkins, oddly shaped root vegetables, jars of honey and prize-winning bales of hay. We walked through dusty cattle barns, and watched as young farm children showed their lambs in the ring. Call me old-fashioned, but that's how I like to experience the fair on a crisp fall day.


  1. Your photos are beautiful as always. It looks like it was the perfect day. Such amazing chickens. I can see why they're all the rage right now.

    I have to confess, I love cotton candy, especially made from maple sugar.
    And funnel cakes.

  2. I also love those darned chickens! Have you seen the kind with the crown of feathers hanging over their eyes. Pure ridiculousness. The first time I saw one, I almost dropped to the floor from laughing so hard.

    Want to know how sick I am? I look at these pictures of chickens and go, "Wow, look at the cool color inspiration here, I should pin these." Sick, I tell you.

    Fun post. Thanks!

  3. Jersey cows are beautiful, I've always loved them. Thank you for your lovely comment today. You are very lucky to live where you do, I just love it so much! Rachaelx


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