Monday, October 3, 2011

Home Tour 2011

There is a neighborhood in a nearby city that has the most adorable homes dating from the 1910's, '20s, '30s and '40s, as well as many new homes that have been built in the classic bungalow style. This neighborhood holds one of the best home tours ever. This year's tour featured eight houses. I didn't take pictures of all eight featured on the tour, but I did capture a few of them, plus several other very charming bungalows and cottages in the neighborhood. Which is your favorite?

Number one
This house was not on the tour, but it's my favorite, exterior-wise.

Number two (not on the tour)

Number three (not on the tour)
This is the side view of number three. Great stonework.

Number four
This was on the tour and very cute inside.

Number five (not on the tour)

Number six
This house was on the tour, and was very contemporary inside, which we loved.
The kitchen was amazing: white subway tile, white open shelving and a black AGA range.
I think the interior of this house was my favorite on the tour.

Number seven
This house, which is new construction, was on the tour and was also very contemporary.

So which one is your favorite?


  1. Beautiful, BEAUTIFUL!!! I love number 3 and number 4 the best. Craftsman homes are my absolute favorite!

  2. I love formal balance so I think No. 4 is my favorite but I also No. 1 a lot. I like that they painted the porch gable a darker color to give it importance. Number 7 seems to be overwhelmed by the roof. I really like the ones that have the painted brick.

    Is it a coincidence that they're all fairly similar in color palette, or perhaps the ones you're attracted to?

  3. Steve, you're right. I am attracted to that color palette (our house is sage green) but that's just part of why I selected these homes. It clearly is a popular color in that neighborhood, but there's also a lot of variety (white, yellow, red brick, etc). Some houses I really liked but they were too covered by trees to get a good photo, or a similar issue. So I captured the ones I really liked that were also good photography subjects.

  4. Love the first one and the last...for a new construction ... awesome ... thanks for sharing!!

  5. Since I love symmetry in the exterior of houses, I'd have to go with four, although I love the huge porch on number five. Tis the season for home tours, huh? How fun!


  6. You can't keep a good bungalow down Claudia, what a delightful group! I asked MOTH what the name for a collective group of bungalows would be & he reckoned it's a Mortgage of Bungalows!
    Millie x

  7. They're all cute, its hard to choose. I like number 1 and number 3 the best.

  8. I love #2 and #3 and #4.


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