Sunday, October 30, 2011


Happy Halloween!
Today, our pumpkin became a jack-o'-lantern. Paul is the designated pumpkin carver in our house. Here he is flexing his artistic talent (and muscle) while tackling a very thick pumpkin that was a bit tough to carve. I think he did a very fine job. And he didn't cut himself!


  1. It looks awesome! Very effective all lit up. Halloween is not all that big here in Australia, I can imagine it must be fun decorating for it. Am finally catching up on your little corner of blogland and have finally gotten around to adding you to my blogroll too :) Thanks for your sweet comment on my last post too xx

  2. That is such a perfectly carved pumpkin, I'm in awe! We did ours outside yesterday with the little ones and the neighbour's kids, it was so lovely. Rachaelx


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