Wednesday, November 2, 2011

French Doors

Well, we've finally gotten around to finishing the French doors in the dining room. Finally! The doors are original to the house and were in bad shape when we moved in. Our house had been a rental for many years during its life, and some residents were pretty rough on it. The French doors had seen better days.

Years ago, someone had the not-so-bright idea to replace all the broken panes of glass with acrylic -- about a dozen in all. Then they painted the doors without taping off the panes and used a razor to scrape off the paint, leaving awful scratches. One pane was missing entirely. We took the doors to a glass shop and had the acrylic replaced with glass. Then the doors sat in our shed for a long time waiting to be painted. 

It was one of those, "I'll do it," scenarios. I kept insisting I would paint the doors, the front steps, and the shed. But my husband -- who has painted the entire inside of our home and has vowed not to do any more painting -- knew better. Every time he'd go into the shed, those doors would be in the way and he'd grumble about it. Finally I admitted that I wasn't going to do these projects myself and it was time to call a professional. In addition to having the doors painted, we had the front steps and shed painted and the house washed -- it's great to get this done before winter! 

Here are some photos before the doors were painted. I don't have photos of the scratched panes -- that was long before my blogging days so I never thought to take photos!



The paint is Benjamin Moore Bleeker Beige, which is the trim color in all rooms but one. The dining room wall is Sherwin Williams Pennywise.

Hardware is on order from Rejuvenation: brass bevel-edge plates, unlacquered so they will develop a nice patina like the brass on the antique glass doorknob. If you haven't read about our doorknobs in this post, here's the story: when we bought the house, the doorknobs were plain, round, dark metal. They were probably old, but they weren't very attractive or in good condition. One day, while at a local salvage/antiques shop, we came across a large box of gorgeous old glass doorknobs. We bought enough for the entire house. They had been salvaged from an old hotel in town before it was demolished.

I've also ordered new hardware for the dining room built-in (which you can see reflected in the door below), and new outlet covers to replace the ones that are on the floor and have paint splatters on them. How long have we lived with these? Too long. My motto: take everything in stride and work on projects over time. The anticipation of home improvements is half the fun anyway, don't you think?


  1. Fantastic job! I love your house :)


  2. Beautiful job...really pretty. I feels good to have a little joy in each accomplishment. I just got an area rug in our living room after being in the house for a year.

  3. They look absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations on getting this job done! Sometimes,it is time to call in the professional!

  4. Good for you for getting it done! I bet it feels so good, and it certainly looks wonderful. I would love to have our house washed and doors and steps painted!

  5. Just came across your blog....Just love reading your posts and adore your bungalow.......Feel free to stop by at my blog when you get a chance.
    I am in the midst of moving to my new home sometime in January and can't wait to re-decorate which is one of my passions.

  6. I think the paint definitely revamped the French door beautifully. Although I love the beaten-look on some home features, the polished look is much better. With the paint, the door looks good as new. And good move on replacing the acrylic with glass. Now, the door looks quite simple but very elegant.

  7. Awesome! Your French door looks so old, but it returned to its original appearance after you painted it. The color you chose was great because it blends well with the color of the wall. I find it amazing how a simple paint job could make a door look brand new again. Good job!


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