Monday, November 7, 2011

Front Steps

As I mentioned in my last post about our French doors, we also had the front steps repaired and painted recently. All the risers were replaced because the bottom ones were starting to rot, and everything received two coats of fresh paint. I love the color on the treads: Thunderous by Sherwin Williams. It's perfect -- darker than the house color but in the same family.

When it comes to choosing colors, I trust my husband completely, but I wasn't always so compliant. Paul is a color matcher in the printing industry, and he knows color. When  choosing paint colors, he flips through a swatch book and quickly hones in on the right shade. I, on the other hand, feel compelled to keep looking. When faced with so many choices, I find it hard to make a decision after looking at only a few. I would say, "What about this beige?" or "How about that green?" and my husband would say, very gently, "Too much red" or "Too yellow." In the end, it was always his original choice that I'd realize was the best. So here's what I've finally learned over the 16 years we've been married: when it comes to color, my husband is always right.


  1. You brought back some memories for me. My father was also a printing foreman and used to match colours also. I think it's where I got my colour sensitivities from. Your steps look great.

  2. The color of your stairs look fabulous. I love how it have the same color with the whole exterior.

    Thanks for your comments on my blog earlier.

    By the way, I am hosting a fabulous giveaway. Come by and enter for a chance to win a stylish hanging travel kit.

    I also posted some pictures of my living room, check it out if you are interested.

    Have a great day!


  3. Our bungalow is white and we chose a sage green for the stairs and porch. It is tough deciding. I was looking at your previous post and note that you have the same wide baseboards and door frames that we have. The French doors are the same as well. Ours have not been painted. The only woodwork in the house painted is in the three downstairs bedrooms. I feel as if I've "visited" you before but am anxious to look at other parts of your bungalow. We love ours! It was built in 1921.



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