Friday, November 11, 2011

My Reading Corner

My cozy reading corner is in the guest bedroom (also known as the dogs' room because it's where we put their beds during the day so Phoebe can sleep in the sun). The whicker chair,  from Pier 1, is very comfy. The reading lamp is from Restoration Hardware, and the throw is something I knitted -- and yes, it took a long time to complete.

I am currently reading The Help and enjoying it very much. Have you read the book or seen the movie? On the floor beside the chair is a twig basket full of magazines -- my weakness. The one in front is House & Home, a Canadian magazine. I think it's one of the best out there now, with an eclectic mix of modern and traditional interiors. I was a huge fan of Country Home before it folded. I loved its "modern country" style. The day I received my last issue was a sad one. 

I recently subscribed to Country Living, a magazine I stopped getting years ago because it was too country. But it has gotten more "fresh and modern," as noted recently in the blog An Urban Cottage. So I decided to give it a try. Last week I received the November issue. I like the content -- though I wish there were more of it -- and the Thanksgiving dinner article is quite nice with beautiful photos. 

Okay, back to the guest room ... below is an antique dresser and mirror that my parents bought for me when I was a teenager. And there's Phoebe, not looking very happy because I had to close the blind to avoid overexposing the shot. She really is a sun-loving dog! She'll move around the room to follow the sun, choosing the hard floor over her soft bed just so she can be in the sun. The rug is an indoor-outdoor sisal-look rug that can be hosed off when needed -- perfect for a room where dogs spend a lot of time. After Winnie had an upset tummy once, my husband took the rug outdoors, hosed it off, gave it a good scrubbing and hung it over the fence to dry. No stains! I love practicality.

The art on the walls above the chair are "bowls" made from nails. The round one is made of small brass nails, and another elongated one is made of larger, flattened nails. For those of you interested in paint colors, the walls are Crewel Tan by Sherwin Williams.


  1. The guest room is lovely and so is your Phoebe! Love the sunning thing, lol!


  2. It's a very pleasant room. I'd love to sit there and read. And I'm quite impressed with your closing of the blinds to improve the shot! Kudos!

  3. I saw "The Help" was the book is even better. And I agree with you about House and Home. Wish it wasn't so expensive int he US but I think I am going to subscribe to it anyway (or ask for it for Christmas).

  4. So much to say. First, I love your antique dresser and your nail bowls, and the vintage looking luggage rack with the blankets folded on top. Plus, I like how you mixed them together. Second, I need to subscribe to House and Home -- their TV series online is so much fun. Third, I think we have the same rug. I love mine. It shows nothing and I am counting my blessings that I have not had to hose vomit off of it...yet.


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