Thursday, December 15, 2011

Felt Poinsettias

To be quite honest, I am not very "crafty." I love the idea of making things. I clip articles and save interesting papers, ribbons and such with the best intentions of making beautiful things with them. But they tend to sit on a shelf, waiting. I admire people who are good at making things by hand. I want to be like that!

The other day I was on the Better Homes and Gardens website when I came across instructions on how to make these cute felt poinsettias -- a craft that doesn't require any sewing. I thought, "I can do that!" So I did. 

To make these flowers, you need only a few items: paper, felt, scissors, glue. You can use these as ornaments on the tree with a little string attached to the back, or as decoration on wrapped presents.

P.S. I skipped the whole freezer paper step (what is freezer paper, anyway?). Instead, I printed and cut out the flower and petal templates and traced them directly onto the felt using a ballpoint pen. Just be sure to cut out the shapes a tiny bit inside the outline so you don't see any of the pen marks. Couldn't be easier!


  1. Felt is a good friend to those who don't sew, isn't it? I know exactly what you mean about liking the idea of crafting, rather than the doing. Your poinsettias are pretty! What a great idea to use them as a decoration for presents.

  2. Darling! These would really dress up my Christmas gifts.
    Merry Christmas.

  3. they look fantastic you have done a great job with them


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