Monday, February 27, 2012

Early Spring Blossoms

It may still be winter, but our whacky weather has fooled the trees and plants into thinking it's spring. Only a week ago we had snow! Then a few days later, temperatures in the 70s and a thunderstorm! Crazy weather, indeed. The cherry trees by the church down the street from us are blooming beautifully, showing us that spring is right around the corner.


  1. I just looked through my photos from last year and it was April 30 that our trees were in bloom. I would think you're normally about four weeks ahead of us so it's blooming about a month early. Does that seem right?

  2. Your so lucky! What I wouldn't do for some color outside, we are up to our knees in snow and we had 5 more inches last night and it's still coming down. Please breath in some pink for me! Michelle

  3. ohmygosh... that is just so beautiful. That coral/peach/pink color always makes my knees weak!

    happy weekend!


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