Sunday, February 12, 2012


When I spotted some hyacinth at the market the other day, I thought they would be a lovely way to bring a touch of spring into the house. This weekend they began to bloom. I love their sweet shade of pink and their amazing fragrance. 

Outside, this weekend's frigid temperatures and gusty winds are reminders that winter is still with us. But inside, we're enjoying this beautiful little preview of spring. It won't be long now ...


  1. Hyacinth is just one of those scents you gotta love.

  2. I've always loved hyacinths for decorating indoors. They're not that common over here though. Yours are beautiful, I love that pink shade. Chilly weather sounds so nice at the moment as here we're experiencing lots of summer heat. I know come winter I'll be wishing for warm days again though probably :)


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