Friday, March 16, 2012

Irish Coffee Cupcakes

Being half Irish, I like to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in some way each year. When I was growing up, my mother would always cook a traditional Irish corned beef dinner with boiled cabbage, carrots and potatoes. We'd enjoy our supper while listening to our favorite Irish music on the stereo -- The Chieftains. Nothing stirs my soul like the sound of traditional Irish music! When I was young, I vowed to one day visit the beautiful land where my dad's family came from. I haven't made the trip yet, but one day I will.

In place of a traditional Irish supper (since we don't eat beef), I now look for other foods to prepare in recognition of St. Patty's Day. Last year I made Irish soda bread for the first time. It was delicious! This year, I saw a recipe on Martha Stewart's website that caught my eye: Irish Coffee Cupcakes. Not a traditional Irish food, but an interesting take on an Irish beverage. 

Last night I made a batch. The batter uses instant espresso powder to give the cakes a rich coffee flavor. The frosting is whipped cream, lightly sweetened and spiked with whiskey! Here's a tip: don't overwhip the cream, like I did. The frosting should be a softer consistency so it spreads more easily (see the photo on Martha's site). Also, I doubled the amount of whiskey to two tablespoons. One tablespoon didn't seem like enough flavor. You can find the recipe here. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Find the recipe here and if you make them, let me know what you think. I'd love to hear your opinion.


  1. ohMY!!!! these look fabulous! yum....

    happy sunday,

  2. ooohhh...these look so good...the photography is can see how moist it is...yum!


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