Friday, March 9, 2012

A Pottery Collection, Part Two

I'd like to thank those of you who left comments on my last post about our pottery collection. I'm glad you found it interesting! To continue with our tour, I'd like to show you a few more pieces around our home.

In the dining room is a vintage secretary in which we store glasses, serving pieces, candles and place mats. On top are three pottery pieces in shades of brown, rust and green. The tall vase on the right was my mother's. The other pieces my husband and I bought. The birdhouse is something we fell in love with at a Habitat for Humanity auction. I just adore its rust-colored wood, metal roof and copper accents. This birdhouse is intended for decorative use only (sorry, birdies).

I love this little handmade creamer and honey pot, above.

Below is a 6.5" tall Ironstone pitcher marked Royal Staffordshire Pottery, Wilkinson Ltd., England. I think this may have belonged to my grandmother. It's been around a while, but I'm not sure of its age.

This next two bowls were gifts from my friend, Rhoda. The green bowl is the perfect size to hold a knitting project. It sits on a mid-Century Danish teak side table (one of three stacking tables that were my parents') so I can pick up my needles and knit whenever the mood strikes.

This lovely porcelain bowl by artist Paddy McNeely in Seattle has a matte, almost-black finish. I love decorating with black accents. The pinecones add that touch of nature I'm so fond of. 

This long, blue dish sits on my dresser in the bedroom. Its elongated shape and vein-like pattern remind me of a leaf, which brings an organic, nature-inspired feeling to the room.

And lastly, this little blue vessel on my desk holds pens, pencils and scissors. Thanks for joining me on part two of this pottery collection tour! If you like vintage pottery by McCoy, Hull and others, check out this post, and if you like Roseville pottery, see this post.


  1. Your pottery collection is beautiful. I have started to think about collecting some myself.

  2. Another lovely post! I enjoy seeing your collection and glimpses of your wonderful home. I too, am looking for the few pieces of pottery I own! Thanks for the inspiration. Kathy L

  3. Your pottery collection is beautiful and it's nice that you find ways to use it. Love that white ironstone pitcher...I'm always drawn to white.

  4. What gorgeous pieces! I love the birdhouse and that pitcher x

  5. I love pottery. My husband and I buy a piece everytime we go on vacation - nothing matches, but it's a big set full of memories!

  6. I love your eye for shapes and colours.


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