Friday, June 1, 2012

Fresh from the Farm

One day a week, a local farmer comes to our office building with her market-on-wheels. From the back of her truck she sells produce grown on her farm as well as other local farms. This week I picked up a container of sweet red strawberries, a two-color squash and a vibrant tomato. She had peaches too -- which are early this year! -- but I didn't buy any. Maybe next week. 

The berries made a lovely dessert drizzled with honey and a topping for my morning oatmeal. The squash was steamed with broccoli and served with macaroni & cheese for supper. And the tomato was enjoyed as a simple sandwich on wheat bread with mayo, salt and pepper. 

How I love fresh summer produce, and the anticipation of what goodies I'll find next week on the "veggie lady's" truck. Happy summer!


  1. strawberries - I love them !
    I'm following your blog :)


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