Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Beautiful Bouquet

My sweet husband sent me a beautiful bouquet last week at work. I received an email from the receptionist saying there was a delivery for me at the front desk. Hmmm, I thought, what could that be? When I stepped off the elevator, I spotted this lovely arrangement of yellow and orange flowers (orange is my favorite color). My husband doesn't send flowers for birthdays or anniversaries or Valentine's Day. He sends them as a complete surprise to let me know he's thinking of me. I'm a lucky girl.

Asian lilies, orchids, Eremurus (foxtail lilies), pincushion Protea and Craspedia (Billy Balls).
Just happened to have an orange-colored candle out on the coffee table, which coordinated nicely with the arrangement.

Eremurus, or foxtail lily

Pincushion Protea (the round, spiky flower) and Craspedia, or Billy Balls (the yellow pompom on the right)

Beautiful Mokara orchids


  1. Simply gorgeous!! And you are a lucky girl!!!

  2. Thanks for the tutorial and -- gorgeous flowers!!!

  3. Those are the most beautiful flowers! I'm going to leave this picture on my husband's computer to give him a gentle hint...

  4. Stunning flowers and photography!

  5. What a lovely arrangement - those pin cushion proteas are so pretty!


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