Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Whitening Whites

I love white bed linens, white dishtowels and white shirts, but over time they can begin to look dull, yellowed and stained. Chlorine bleach is an effective whitener -- I actually love the smell of sheets that have been washed with bleach -- but it's rather harsh, both on your fabrics and on your lungs. An alternative is borax. I find that it's good for overall whitening in the laundry cycle. 
Did you know that borax is a multi-purpose household cleaner? On the box it states that borax can be used for washing porcelain enamel and fiberglass surfaces in the bathroom, deodorizing trash cans, cleaning carpet spills and stains, treating pet urine and sour milk odors, and more. I've used it to clean the toilet bowl -- just pour 1/4 cup borax in the bowl, swish with a toilet brush and let stand for 30 minutes or overnight.

How do you keep your whites looking bright? Do you use borax as a cleaning tool in your home? Share your tips!


  1. I usually just use bleach :( I know it is not the friendliest option. Have never tried Borax....will do so now. Our house is 70% white....linens, upholstery, walls, almost everything :)

  2. Borax is such a great idea! I know I sound like a desperate housewife, but I despair over my whites. No spray cleaner does the trick, and they're all so awful for the environment anyway. I'm going to put Borax on my list. I also like to use baking soda and plain white vinegar for other household chores, so this is a nice and economical addition to the team.


  3. Borax is a good natural cleaner, have used it for years, especially in the bathroom. Started using it after I became overcome with fumes in a bathroom where the exhaust fan broke....I dump some down in my garbage disposal every week, along with some icecubes, cleans and refreshes at the same time.

  4. where can you find Borax - I think I want to try it instead of bleach. Thanks!!!

    1. Oakwood Gal, I bought it at the grocery store. I believe it's in the same aisle as the detergents.


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