Sunday, September 23, 2012

Danish Ebelskivers

My husband is Danish on his father's side. When he and I were first married, I was introduced to ebelskivers (pronounced "able-skeevers"), which are little sphere-shaped pancakes originally from Denmark. My husband is the family "ebelskiver maker" and is frequently called upon to make them for family gatherings.

The basic recipe for ebelskivers is simple: flour, baking powder, eggs, milk, butter, sugar, salt. Their light texture comes from beaten egg whites.

A special pan is required for making these tasty little treats. The one in the foreground, below, is cast iron and was handed down in my husband's family. My sister-in-law gave us a non-stick ebelskiver pan from Williams-Sonoma (in the background, below). It works better on our electric smooth-top range.

On this morning, my husband made a simple vanilla batter for our ebelskivers. But you can be as creative with the fillings as you'd like. Fancier sweet varieties include cherry-almond, chocolate chip and banana-rum. Savory versions include spicy corn, spinach and feta, and smoked salmon and dill. Williams-Sonoma has an ebelskiver cookbook with amazing-sounding recipes!

We eat our vanilla ebelskivers with various jams, a little butter and powdered sugar.


  1. OMG - I will be right over. What gorgeous photos and what a gorgeous little treat these are...I bet they are delish. I would love to try them. Really wonderful pictures...

    xo Terri

  2. My hubby is also Danish via his Dad's side...and his grandma had an ebelskiver pan (cast iron) that his mom just cannot find in all her "stuff", LOL. He remembers ebelskivers from Sunday brunch st her place in Santa Maria, CA.

    I love to cook/bake, and have wanted to try these since M and I married
    ( about two years ago). Your post has motivated me-gotta get the MIL to find that pan! Otherwise, looks like a WS order will be placed online...

  3. I am craving me some "ebelskivers" right now!! Only had it once many years ago in Copenhagen. Forgot all about them. Have you all been to Denmark? You would love of my favorite cities in Scandinavia.

  4. Oh, what charming fun, Claudia. They are just darling and look wonderful - and that pan! Lovely.

  5. I've seen the pans but have never had the chance to sample the food before. I also always think that food prepared by husbands taste better.


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