Thursday, September 20, 2012

Little Man


Here's our handsome little man, Henry, on a bright, warm, late summer day. This is the first time we've had a male dog, and he is such a sweetheart. Henry actually smiles when he's happy. He does this funny thing where he curls his lips back, showing off his crooked little teeth. At first glance it looks like a little snarl, but he's clearly not angry. He smiles when we come home, when it's meal time, when he's about to go for a walk or get a treat, tail wagging furiously. It's one of the most endearing things I've ever seen in a dog. I hope to get it on video soon so I can post it.

Look at all the leaves that have fallen already! There is a huge, 90-foot tree beside our house that begins dropping its leaves earlier and earlier each year. Small limbs fall onto our roof and the neighbor's during rainstorms, and there are a couple of large dead limbs overhanging our house. Over the years we've pruned the tree and cared for it the best we could. But sadly, the tree is nearing the end of its lifespan. It has outgrown the small space between two houses and it's time to remove it. This is the opinion of several certified arborists. However, we have exciting plans to update our yard by replacing chain link fencing with wood, adding a Craftsman-style arbor to the side entrance and landscaping the entire back yard -- improvements that are long overdue. "Before and after" photos to come.


  1. My mom had a dog that smiled too. I thought she as crazy but I witnessed it myself. Henry must be happy at his new home.

    I hear you about the tree. I have one the same. I've put a few thousand into pruning it and the arborists keep telling me not to waste my money. It's a tough decision.

  2. Hey Claudia - I love it when you show the doggies :) Henry looks very wise, serious and quite distinguished! I look forward to seeing the changes in your garden......the arbor idea is wonderful!!

  3. What a sweet dog!!! So glad y'all adopted him. Rosie does that smile thing too, but when she's shy about something. Its the funniest thing!

  4. He's a darling. I wish I could pat him on the head -

    xo Terri

  5. Oh my, he's adorable! What a sweet addition to your family x


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