Friday, September 28, 2012

Tour of Homes 2012

On the first day of autumn, my husband and I enjoyed the warm, sunny day by going on a tour of homes in an historic neighborhood that was developed in the late 1800s. This is my favorite event of the year. I love to see what people do with their old houses. This year, there were nine homes on the tour. A couple were new construction or older homes that have been completely renovated or added onto. To me, old homes with their original wood floors, wide moldings and quirky imperfections are so much more charming and appealing.

The decorating in several of the houses this year was phenomenal. Unfortunately, the tour prohibits indoor photography. But as we walked the neighborhood's tree-lined streets, I snapped photos of many cute homes to share with you. Of the 12 below, two were on the tour and I've noted which ones they are. After you look at each house, let me know which are your favorites and why. 

House # 1
I love the color of this house, its four-over-one windows with narrow, vertical panes, and tapered brick columns. I also like the proportions of this house and its single dormer over the front entry. 

House #2
This house is harder to see because of the landscaping, but I like the color scheme and how the vertical beams are painted in a contrasting color, similar to our home.

House #3
Here's a simple, grey Craftsman style bungalow with dark painted mullions, a reddish door and the classic southern ceiling fan on the porch. In fact, I see ceiling fans on 9 of the 12 houses here!

House #4
This house was on the tour a few years ago. It has round columns instead of square. My husband and I prefer square or tapered columns to round. Do you have a preference?

House #5
This American Foursquare style home, built in 1926, was on the tour. There were many unique details in this house, including a charming non-electric doorbell, original built-ins, inlaid wood floors, an original brass handrail going up to the second floor (it had such a nice feel), six coal-burning fireplaces (non-working) and original gaslight fixtures throughout. The owner is an interior designer and the home was beautifully decorated.

House #6
Look at the lovely columns on this house! The stone piers at the base of the columns and stone steps are so pretty, and I love the Craftsman style wood door. This is the kind of door we'd like to have on our house one day.  

House #7
Ah, look at the rich red color of this house and its smaller-scaled black shutters. The double gables with decorative brackets painted white stand out nicely against the red siding. I love the tapered columns!

House #8
This magnificent house was on the home tour, thank goodness! In fact, at the time of the tour it was for sale (sales sheet stated the price at $1.4 million). Built in 1905, this house had been divided into apartments in the 1970s and was considered for demolition. Fortunately that did not happen. The current owner has done a wonderful renovation job, and the decorating was truly unique. My favorite parts were the front porch and amazing back yard with a pool, hot tub and koi pond with waterfall.

Below, the front porch with pale, sky blue ceiling and original light fixtures 

House #9
This next home is very symmetrical with simple square columns and a cute little dormer to add visual interest to the roofline.

House #10
I love the color scheme of this home, the Craftsman lanterns on either side of the front door, the side-by-side square posts, tapered brick columns and deep overhanging eaves. This is such a cute house!

House #11
Here's a nice brick, stucco and shake home with a gaslight lantern to welcome guests. I like the wide dormer on the left and the contrasting vertical posts above the front porch.

House #12
I believe this house may be new construction, or a complete redo of an older house. Look at the top peak -- do you see what look like bird house openings? They are glassed in, but there are little perches below each one, making it look like a home for purple martins. My husband spotted this detail. I love the wood shake siding and oval window on this house. 

I have a favorite, do you? Leave a comment and let me know!


  1. Wow, love them all but #6 is my favorite. I'm a big fan of the Bungalow") Just found your blog and I'm looking forward to reading some of your older posts!

  2. I love house number 7. It has such warmth and character, and the small black shutters give it such a comical air. All the homes are cute, but number 7 has personality!

  3. Great neighborhood! My favorites are #3 because it reminds me of my grandparents house, and #10 because it just appeals to me!I love the Craftsman lanterns on either side of the door and the little porch.
    Kathy L from Colorado

  4. sue ann , north carolinaSeptember 28, 2012 at 2:53 PM

    I love Bungalow/Craftsman style architecture, so thanks for posting the pictures. House #1(color and dormer) and #6 (columns and 2nd story porch!) were a tie for me! The rest were lovely, but I found myself thinking of new paint colors or tweeking the landscaping a bit, when the foliage seemed to cover too much of the house's architectural detail. Fun blog, thanks!!

  5. Beautiful homes!! The houses are all so harmonious.....makes for a lovely neighborhood. And they all have wonderful porches! Having a hard time picking a favorite, Claudia, as I love aspects from each.

  6. My favorite is number 1.

  7. I think 5 and 6 are my favorites based on just the exterior view. WIll you now reveal your favorite?? :)

  8. A Craftsman Bungalow is my dream house. 1,6 and 10 are probably my favorites, but the others are very nice too. I'd love to see the interiors!

  9. Oops, I almost forgot to reveal my favorite! It is ... number 1. I just love everything about that house: the front porch, the columns, the windows, the color. It's so cute. My second favorite is probably number 6 but I also love numbers 10, 11 and 12. And in terms of a larger, two-story home, number 7 (the red one) is great!

  10. I like the front porch of house number 8 and the pool in the backyard is amazing!! Number 11 is really cute.

  11. As my Father always loves to say -"A blind man be happy to see em" - so with that it is very hard to choose.
    I do love them all. Number 6 looks quaint while no.8 looks like a showplace!

  12. Love them all, can't pick just one, lol!

    Are these beauties in Florida?


  13. I live in a cozy little Sears and Roebuck bungalow. It was build in 1926. It has a lovely front porch with columns. The building supplies from Sears were bought by train. Here in Roselle Park New Jersey. I have the original Sears and Roebuck blue prints. I love all of these homes!

  14. I had an email from Debbie in Georgia asking for the name of the paint colors in house number 10. I'm afraid I don't have any information on paint colors. Sorry I can't help with that info. The sage green on the siding looks very much like the color of our house, but I'm afraid the paint company we used is no longer in business and I don't recall the color. Our house needs to be painted this year, and when we do, I'll take photos and post the colors we select.

  15. 1 and 10. Love bungalow style homes, in fact custom built one two years ago. Go to Wexler house plan...that is ours with minor tweaks.

  16. #12 I live in a 1939 all brick bungalow. White, square columns with olive trim. I LOVE Craftsman style homes!

  17. I love house #1. I could live there happily! Also love the color scheme and tapered columns. I'm dreaming of what the interior looks like...wish there was a floor plan of it.

  18. My favorite is #4. We're looking to build soon and would love to see the floor plan if this one. Any suggestions?

  19. My favorites are numbers 6 and 10; #6 is very traditional bungalow; #10 looks like the Kilbourne Sears Kit home with a different style dormer.

  20. Loved all these house but just wanted to point out that Craftsman Style Bungalows were not built in the "late 18oos".

    1. Gerald, you're correct, but what I did not state is that this neighborhood consists of many different home styles, not just Craftsman bungalows. I focused on the bungalows. The neighborhood was first developed in 1891. The earliest homes were built in the late Victorian and early Colonial Revival styles. Thanks for your comment and helping to clarify this.

  21. umber 10 my favorite. like it's overall balance, just enough railing without obstructing the doors and windows. prefer the square columns vs round. this home has great curb appeal-

  22. I love # 10. It is the cutest home I have ever seen. The color scheme is perfect. I am a big fan of bungalows. They are so substantial. To me they appear as works of art. I've painted mine similar colors due to your post. The vertical grain floors are going to be fabulous once re finished. I was thinking of replacing the lath and plaster with drywall when I went outside to see if my radio would bother the neighbors. I had it cranked up. I COULDN'T HEAR IT FROM OUTSIDE! Then I started researching and now understand. Why make a big mess for the landfill just to replace the original lath and plaster with an inferior product? Also, it stays very cool in summer. Thank you so much for posting! Very inspiring.


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