Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Welcoming Front Entrance

While strolling the sidewalks of an historic neighborhood last month, I spied this front entrance which really appealed to me. As soon as my husband and I stopped to admire the home, the owner's two dogs -- a little brown poodle and a cream-colored cocker spaniel -- came racing to greet us as if we were old friends. I told the home owner that I admired her front entrance, and asked if I could take a photo for my blog.

Here's what I like about this entrance: first, the colors. The brownish grey of the front door, columns and porch floor, the lighter grey of the siding (notice the smaller size of the clapboard), the white trim and the pale blue of the porch ceiling -- and how they all work beautifully together. 

I had always heard that in the South, porch ceilings are frequently painted various shades of light blue or aqua to scare away evil spirits. I did a search online to find out more about the history of blue porch ceilings and found this article on the Sherwin-Williams Stir site. Apparently it's true: historically, many Southerners painted not only their porch ceilings blue, but also their doors and window frames to keep them safe from haints, or restless spirits of the dead. Another theory for pale blue porch ceilings: they repel insects. Check out the article to learn more -- it's very interesting.

Another thing I love about this entrance is the schoolhouse light fixture. Whether or not it's original to the house, it appears to be vintage, and I think it's perfect on this porch. The style of the front door is also very appealing with its 4-over-4 windows, and the transom window above. Notice the 12-over-1 windows to the left of the door -- beautiful! 

I also like that the house numbers and mailbox are more modern but still blend well with the historic features of the home. The palms in the large containers on either side of the steps and the small planters on both sides of the front door soften the lines and create a welcoming entrance. And of course, there's the sweet Cocker Spaniel chewing on an old rubber ball. Nothing makes a home more welcoming than a friendly dog or two!

So what do you think of this front entrance? Does it appeal to you?


  1. So glad you shared this handsome front door. It's quite unusual with the arrangement of 8 glass panes over 3 raised panel lower section. And the narrow clapboard is charming. I really like the overall look!

  2. Very pretty-soothing, sleek yet homespun- it feels well-dressed.
    The dog, of course, makes it perfect :)

  3. What a beautiful entryway. Serene and blissful. Sometimes I wish I had a really nice house...


    xo Terri

  4. Very beautiful and inviting front entrance. It's very charming!


  5. We are building a bungalow this coming spring designed by Ross Chapin Architects and this looks like the perfect door for us. The usual craftsman doors have higher panes and, because I am very short, these lower panes would be much better. Any chance you might know the manufacturer?

    1. Hi Carol. Thanks for visiting My Little Bungalow and for your comment. The front door in this photo is on an historic home and my guess would be it's original to the house. But I'm afraid I don't have any specifics, nor do I know the owner. I simply asked her if I could photograph her entrance for my blog. Good luck with the building of your new bungalow!

  6. Love the door. What color paint is that? Thanks!

  7. I see why you featured this entry. It is so charming! I only wish you had the names of the paint colors


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