Thursday, October 25, 2012

Stump Removal

As I posted recently, we've had a very large tree removed from a tight space between our house and our neighbor's house. What was left was a very large stump. This week a stump grinder came with this snazzy (and very expensive) machine. It's operated by remote control and the operator must be very skilled in using it. The tree's massive roots had grown right up to (and under) the sidewalk over the years, and I was so impressed at how much of the roots the operator was able to grind without hitting the sidewalk, which would have taken a chunk out of the cement. It was fascinating to watch the huge blade shave away the wood, bit by bit. I am grateful to Will, whose team did an amazing job removing the tree, for recommending these guys for the stump removal. It's a great relief to have this project finished. Now for phase two: replacing the chain link fence with wood. Stay tuned for photos and updates!

Look at the beautiful mulch we're left with!

Here's a "before" photo of the tree ...

And the stump ...


  1. That's amazing such a piece of machinery is remotely operated. Do you notice a difference to the light in your home with the tree gone? Is it brighter?

  2. Hi Amanda,
    We're not really noticing a difference in the amount of light in our house, but I do see a difference in the amount of light that now reaches the front yard. Our neighbor told me she sees more light in her rooms with the tree gone, and likes that. Another thing we are noticing is a lot fewer leaves falling all over the place!

  3. Claudia - We've had a couple large (diseased) pine trees removed on our property.....quite costly but worth it. (Also had to get permits.) We were always worried during it's peace of mind. I think our crews used similar machinery. Both jobs took several days to complete.


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