Monday, November 12, 2012

New Bed Linens!

We've finally given our bed a face-lift with new linens. It's embarrassing to admit, but we've had the same comforter, shams, throw pillow and bed skirt for a very long time. I tend to keep things until they wear out: clothes, cars (I had my last car for 16 years), appliances, televisions ... you get the picture.
So the story of our old comforter goes like this. Remember when Martha Stewart first came out with her line at Kmart back in '97? Well, it was probably a year later that we bought our comforter set there (yes, Martha Stewart brand). To be honest, my poor husband never really liked the pattern and would complain about it from time to time. But since the comforter was still in good condition, I always talked myself out of replacing it, figuring we didn't really "need" something new.  

I guess I finally got to the point my husband had been at for some time. I had grown tired of the pattern on that old comforter set and it was time to pull the plug! The two of us sat down at the computer and browsed various sites. We like what Crate & Barrel carries, but the patterns tend to be more modern, and we agreed that modern wouldn't work as well in our room. 

Pottery Barn has nice patterns and good quality, and the dimensions of their queen duvets are the same as what we had (C&B's queen size duvet is larger). So we chose Pottery Barn's "Charlie Paisley" organic duvet cover and shams in natural, and a PB classic bed skirt in linen. As a finishing touch, I ordered a beautiful feather and down-filled accent pillow from Room & Board in a color called wolf. The front of the pillow is mohair and the back is linen. It's simple, but elegant.

We are both very happy with our new bedding. But the best part for me is hearing my husband exclaim over it when he walks into the room. Our bedroom has finally gotten the face lift it has long needed. Oh, and in case you're wondering what I did with the old comforter, well, it's inside the new duvet cover, of course!

P.S. Happy birthday to my hubby, whose big day is this weekend.


  1. I was just at both Room and Board and Pottery Barn. Bought a sectional sofa from R&B for our family room, and the ticking bedding set from PB. Looks wonderful and very warm, Claudia. Lovely color scheme.

  2. I love it. Lovely bedding and a beautiful accent pillow. Great selection and a nice story to go along with it. I am like you - practical with my money - so many times I am living with decisions for a long time!! I am getting tired of my all-white bedding in the winter bedroom and it is only about 2 years old. It is the sameness I guess and I need a switch (or maybe a nice accent pillow, as I don't do anything fancy in that room)!

    xo Terri

  3. Just lovely- congratulations!! I love the accent pillow as well- great texture (we're all about that at our home) and mohair is so cozy. Nicely done and I am sure Paul is a happy camper. P.S. Happy Birthday Paul!

  4. The colors look perfect in there. Love the throw pillow too. I'll have to take a look at those.

  5. I'm kind of the same way about keeping the same old thing around, but then when you do get something new it just makes you appreciate it more, right?! :) Your room looks lovely. Room and Board is one of my very favorite stores...nearly all the furniture in my house is from there.

  6. Such a pretty update, I always love neutral, large patterns! It was worth the wait! :)

  7. Claudia:
    We have a slightly older version of this from Pottery Barn! Maybe 4-5 years ago? It's in blue and I just LOVE IT. I agree, they have some very nice prints over there. This looks great.

    And, I just realized, you have me on your sidebar blogroll...I will add you to mine now! Thanks so much.
    P.S. Where, can you say, do you live in the Southeast?


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