Thursday, November 8, 2012

Wood Oil

Here's a simple, but good, thing. I bought this butcher block oil by Parker & Bailey at Restoration Hardware a (really) long time ago, and rediscovered it in my pantry a few months ago. Made of food grade mineral oil, it's great for keeping wooden cutting boards and utensils from drying out and cracking. The cutting board above was getting quite dry, but a coat of this oil brought back its rich color. You can go to the Parker & Bailey web site to view and purchase the product, which now has a new look and a new name: Wooden Ware Cleaner & Conditioner. There are other mineral oil products on the market that I'm sure are also very good. Since this bottle is getting low, I'll be adding it to my shopping list soon.
I have received no compensation for featuring this product; the views expressed are my own.


  1. So what is the signifigance in 71 in the back of this beautiful photo? Just being nosy!

    1. Rae, thanks for visiting -- and for the question. You have a keen eye! The "71" sign sitting on the windowsill is a vintage French enamel house number. I bought a couple of them at an antiques fair years ago. The other one is the number 48. I love all things French!

    2. I love it. You have great taste my friend.

  2. Thanks for the reminder. My butcher's block is in dire need of attention - and just in time for the busy festive season!


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