Saturday, December 15, 2012

Our New Fence

Back in October, I posted about some big changes to our yard. We started by removing a large tree from beside our house. Then in November we replaced all the chain link fence with wooden privacy and picket fencing. The fence that separated our yard from our neighbors to the left was in bad shape, so we approached them about removing their fence and putting up a new fence on our property, and they agreed. You can see the before photos here. 

Here is the new side entrance. I love the little gate and the copper caps on the posts. I couldn't resist adding a Christmas wreath to the gate since this is the entrance we use most often. It adds a nice touch of holiday cheer!

Here's the new double gate into back yard. I'm envisioning a hydrangea bush in the corner, outside the fence. Or maybe a rose bush ...

Below is a view of the new privacy fence in back yard. The old chain link was fairly close to the bird feeder. See how much space we gained by moving the fence back to just inside our property line? I'd like to plant a few tall-growing junipers along the back of the fence for additional privacy, with one in the corner to hide the ugly telephone pole. My husband and I love Japanese maples so we'd like to incorporate at least one into the landscape plans. We've talked about adding a floating deck next year -- and maybe a fire pit, depending on our budget. 

It will take some time, but I think our yard will eventually be a peaceful and beautiful place for us to relax and entertain. If you have any landscaping suggestions, please share them! I'd love to hear your ideas.


  1. Your home is so sweet and I like the fence with the wreath! So simple and pretty:)

  2. Dear Claudia -

    The fence turned out wonderful! I still recall your posts on removing the tree and stump.

    For plantings:

    I love hydrangeas....their flowers last so long. But they don't like full sun, which is better for roses. For easy and continuous blooms, knock-out rose shrubs are awesome. But without much scent, unfortunately.

    While thinking about junipers, might you consider holly trees? A favorite of William and Morris, hollys, to me, are so stately. The female tree will bear showy berries. Some junipers do get scraggly at their base. Just be careful not to plant anything that can be harmful to the doggies.

    Happy Holidays!
    Warm greetings ~

  3. A perfect fence!! And worth the wait. Sounds like some work ahead but you have a lovely property there that will blossom with your efforts!! Yay!!
    Well done. Xo

  4. We just bought three Encore Azaleas... they like sun, and will bloom three times a season in this climate! The pink flowers in October were just gorgeous; they come in all sorts of great colors.
    How about some gardenias also?
    And maybe Agapanthus... the list goes on!

  5. I love your idea about installing new fence!! So simple and pretty:)

  6. Your new fence looks great and your wreath on the gate is such a nice touch! How exciting to be planning your landscape from scratch, I agree with Loi's idea for hydrangeas ~ I'm planning to add more next year! Btw, did you realize you're a no reply?

  7. The new fence looks really good! It definitely looks homier than the chain link fence you used to have wrapped around your house. Also, the picket fence does lend your property much more privacy, which would be great if you want to hold a little get-together with friends and family, like a small barbecue with some wine and steak. If you’re still up for landscaping suggestions, I would suggest an area where people can sit around and talk while enjoying their food. And an area to place the grill too!


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