Sunday, January 13, 2013

Smoked Salmon for Breakfast

Every once in a while, I treat myself to some smoked salmon. I like it paired with cream cheese on toasted whole grain bread for breakfast. My husband doesn't care for smoked salmon, so I have the whole package to myself. If you've been following my blog, you know that I eat a mostly vegetarian diet, with some fish occasionally. I grew up eating smoked salmon, and it's a taste I enjoy. However, sometimes the texture is a bit fleshy for my liking, and I can only eat a small amount at a time. Any leftover salmon goes to the pooches.

If you like the taste of smoked salmon, I highly recommend a recipe for bow-tie pasta with smoked salmon and cream cheese from Everyday Food. Capers, fresh dill and red onion round out the flavors in this entree. Delicious! 

Did you hear that Everyday Food magazine, a Martha Stewart publication, is no longer being printed? I was very sad when I read the news on Facebook. I've been a subscriber since the first issue in 2003, and I have all 98 magazines, which I use constantly. It's been my favorite publication all these years, and I'm really sorry to see it go.


  1. Oh, we adore salmon! I grew up in eastern Canada on a very famous salmon fishing river called the Miramichi. Each year, tons of Americans from New England would come to their cottages there and fish! I think I grew up eating salmon twice a week.

    We still adore it, but smoked, like you I can only eat in thin slices or it seems too fleshy. Good word!

    Sorry you are losing your beloved magazine. That sucks!!!!!
    Amazing that you have the 98 issues though. I have never seen it. Duh. More into decorating than cooking but I can now see what your true love is...!
    xo Terri

  2. Love love smoked salmon, and yes, I know a similar recipe! I first had it in college, on a bagel with cream cheese and capers: my mouth waters just thinking of it! I'll come over and join you in a package some day!

  3. Love smoked salmon - but like you don't like it if its too fleshy. Bet those dogs think all their christmasses have come at once when they get that treat.Just popped over from The view from great island Blog. We don't get many Martha Stewart publications here.

  4. Lovely! I am a huge fan of multiseeded bread but I usually have smoked salmon with a bagel and some blue cheese. Since you're a fan of smoked salmon, I'd recommend trying some of the pepper and whiskey flavoured ones, quite appetizing.

  5. Wow, that looks sooo good. I really like this blog!

  6. You reminded me, I think it's been awhile since we've treated ourselves to some ~ we all love it with bagels and cream cheese for breakfast. The pasta recipe sounds delicious!


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