Saturday, February 16, 2013

Lazy Dog

Two of the most endearing things about Henry are his underbite/crooked teeth and his smile. That little mouth of his is so darn cute. I first noticed him smiling soon after we adopted him back in September. I was handing him a treat and I noticed his upper lip curling back a little, almost like a snarl. Not knowing his personality yet, I wasn't sure what it meant. But very soon we realized he's a smiler. He smiles when we come home from work, when it's time for dinner and even sometimes when we just talk to him. His smiles range from subtle (if he's sleepy) to really big, in which he curls his entire lips back and shows off all his teeth. It's the funniest thing ever to see! It quickly led to the nickname Mr. Smiley.

Here's Henry being a lazy dog, relaxing in his nest bed. He loves getting his tummy rubbed and showing off his wonderfully crooked little teeth. He keeps us laughing, this one! And he's such a good "brother" to Phoebe. He's a love, and we are so thrilled that he has joined our pack.


  1. He looks like quite the ham. It must to comforting to know that he's settled in so well. Sometimes adding a new personality to the house can really upset the balance the things.

    My mom had a rescue dog that smiled. She kept telling me about how the dog was smiling when she came home from work every day and I thought she might be ready for the looney bin but when I visited, I got to witness it myself. It was very cute.

  2. What a sweetheart you have. Pam

  3. He's a real honey. I love that!!!! I could scoop him up and bring him home - he is that cute. It is so nice to have a well-mannered loving creature to share one's life with. It makes every day bright.

    xo Terri

  4. I am such a big fan of Henry's! I think he and Phoebe should have a fan page with regular doggie postings of what goes on in the Bungalow at ground level.

  5. I love Henry soooooooo much! I got teary just reading this post! Such a joy, such a love. You take the most beautiful photos of him Claudia- you capture his soul in each one. It makes my heart so happy that y'all found one another. Please give him a big kiss from me (and Ella too;)!

  6. My Dad had a wonderful dog that smiled the full grin whenever you came home, fed her, etc.....It's beautiful to see !

    Also - I'm sure you know that a dog that will roll onto his back and sleep, (exposing his belly) is a very happy, contented and secure in his surroundings dog !! Good for you .... !

  7. Hi, Claudia!

    Terrific photos!! I can just tell Henry is very sweet. So much character :)

    Thanks so much for your kind words and good wishes. I'm finally out of bed and getting my appetite back! Craving something sweet. One of your yummy goodies would be perfect right now.

    Mocha is doing much better. She seems normal, but we have to take her back to the vet later this week. The vet thinks she might have liver cancer or some form of liver disease. She also has pancreatitis. Fingers crossed.

    Warm greetings,

  8. Oh what a sweetheart; dogs are SUCH a wonderful part of our lives. We no longer have one..but still talk about her almost every day. They never, ever leave us, right?

  9. Gosh, your Henry looks like a cuddle bug! He's so cute!!


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