Monday, February 4, 2013

Polka Dot Bowl

One of my favorite things to do is scour antiques stores and fairs for cool and unique things to add to our home. I'm especially drawn to kitchenware. I have several glass refrigerator dishes (which need to be in a glass-fronted refrigerator, don't you think? Oh, how I'd love one!). And I've amassed a nice collection of Bakelite silverware and serving pieces over the years. I also found a couple of polka dot glasses at a shop out in the middle nowhere -- the kind of place you might pass by without giving it a thought. What a surprise to find such cute glasses, and at a really good price.

I do like polka dots, so when I saw this fun polka dot bowl at an antiques festival several years ago, I knew I had to get it. I'm not sure when it was made, but my guess would be in the 1960s -- perhaps earlier?

We eat a lot of Gala apples in this house. I like to have them within easy reach on the counter, and keeping them in the plastic bag they came in just won't do! I usually dump the apples in a plain white bowl, but then I thought they would look prettier and more cheerful in this spotted bowl. It makes a nice display, I think.

What are some things that are adding a bit of color and cheer to your home these days?


  1. I love it! So cheery for this gray, winter day:)

  2. Recently we found a set of bright yellow Fiesta dishes and had to have them. They look great next to our white dinnerware in our white and glass cabinets, so now we're collecting bright yellow McCoy vases to complement that style. It wasn't a color scheme I was looking for - it just happened, and as a result our kitchen is now a happy and bright place with an actual theme!

    I love your polka dots, Claudia, and if I ever see a similar bowl when we're out on the antique hunt I'll snatch it up for you.

    Hope you're having a nice Monday,

  3. Polka dots are my favorite ~ decor, fashion, fruit bowl, they always make me smile! Your photos are always wonderful!

  4. I saw a set of similar polka dot bowls at our local antiques mall - $$$.


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