Monday, March 4, 2013

New Everyday Flatware

My husband and I were at the mall last week to buy a new Calphalon griddle at Williams-Sonoma (on sale for $30), when I suggested we stop in Pottery Barn to have a look around. Not intending to make any purchases, we left with eight sets of new flatware and a large picture frame. Funny how that happens. 

The flatware we've been using for most of the 17 years of our marriage is actually a mix of two patterns. One had belonged to my parents and dates back many years to my childhood. It's a very simple style and we really love it, but over the years a few pieces were lost, leaving an incomplete set. We've been supplementing with another partial set in a pattern we don't care for.

We had looked at Pottery Barn's flatware in the past and were both drawn to a pattern called Arctic. We prefer simple styles and straight lines -- things with a slightly modern look. The feel of a fork or spoon handle is also very important, and Arctic feels good in the hand. The best part? It's currently on sale!  

Like most things I buy, I expect this flatware to last a long time (if you're a follower of My Little Bungalow, you probably know that I keep things until they wear out, like my last car, which I had for 16 years). Arctic is made for Pottery Barn by Towle Silversmiths, is 18/8 stainless, and has a lifetime limited warranty. Hopefully we'll have this set for many years to come.

A footnote about the other items shown: the nubby table runner, green dishes and floral-patterned green wool rug are all from Pottery Barn (dishes and rug no longer available). The cloth napkin is by Tag; I purchased a bunch of them at our local Ace Hardware, of all places, just before Thanksgiving. They are nice and soft, and very reasonably priced. The dining table was purchased from Room & Board several years ago. It's excellent quality and we're very happy with it. Their Howe table is a similar style.


  1. I am so inspired by your table setting! It's absolutely beautiful - I also like simple, clean lines and am afflicted with such a horrendous hodgepodge of cutlery. Some people can mix cutlery and have that farmhouse chic thing going, but mine just looks awful. I will now endeavor to set that right!

  2. As much as I like things to be collected, flatware just isn't one of those things. I've found that with a collection on old pieces, you tend to develop a favorite that never seems to be there when you want it.

    The set you picked seems just perfect.

  3. Love the table setting and the soft colors! Enjoy your new flatware, going to check out the table runner.


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