Saturday, April 20, 2013

Displaying Vintage Costume Jewelry

Years ago, my husband inherited several pieces of vintage costume jewelry from his grandmother. He was very close to his grandmother, and because her jewelry has such sentimental value (and it's pretty to look at) he chose to display it in an old, wooden case. There are several brooches, a pair of earrings and a cocktail ring. 


Our bungalow has its original picture molding, and we use it to hang artwork and mirrors using picture rail hooks and braided wire (fishing leader material). I love the old-fashioned look of hanging pictures this way. It also means we don't have to put holes in our plaster walls!


  1. Love your display! That's so much better than keeping those pretty bits in a drawer. I wish our house had picture molding - it adds so much character to a house.

  2. I love looking at pretty little things and the way your husband displays them in the handsome case is so nice, thank goodness it was not damaged in the fall.

  3. Love love that last sink! Wouldn't that be gorgeous in my lavatory!!
    Those picture moldings really are/were such a great way to hang pictures: too bad they're not in all houses. And so much better than all the holes in various walls!


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