Monday, July 15, 2013

New Wine Glasses and Pillows

My husband and I enjoy wine. In fact, it's kind of a hobby. We don't have a wine cellar (or even a special wine fridge, though I'd love one), and we certainly aren't wine snobs! But we have come a long way over the years in our knowledge of wines. We enjoy all different varieties (but I'm not a fan of most Chardonnays) and many of our favorite bottles are priced under $15. 

There are a couple of wine shops close by we enjoy visiting on Saturdays for their wine tastings. One shop also has a restaurant where we'll grab a spinach and mushroom pizza and a salad for lunch. For quite some time, we've been admiring the wine glasses this shop uses for their tastings. They're made in Germany by Schott Zwiesel, the 13.7 ounce Forte Burgundy glasses, which are a nice size and shape for both red and white wines. 

After many months of lusting over them and talking about purchasing some for at home, we finally decided to do it, only to find the wine shop no longer sells them! So to the Internet I went. I found them at Amazon at a better price (under $10 apiece + free shipping) and bought two sets for a total of 12 glasses. We're replacing an old set of 6 wine glasses from Crate & Barrel. Our new Schott Zwiesel glasses are a beautiful shape, thinner and lighter weight -- much better quality.

Schott Zwiesel wine glasses are made of Tritan® crystal, which is titanium-based. They are resistant to chips and breaking and are dishwasher safe. Pottery Barn's website has a video about Schott Zwiesel's patented Tritan crystal technology, which you can view here.

The wine in the photo above is a 2007 Altos de Luzon from the Jumilla region of Spain. It is a blend of Monastrell, Cabernet Sauvignon and Tempranillo grapes. We typically don't care for Spanish wines, which can be very earthy, but the Spanish wines on the tasting that week were very delicious.

Another recent purchase: two new pillows from Pottery Barn for the chairs on our porch. They have a natural material look, but are made from synthetic fiber and are for outdoor use. They are very comfy!


  1. I have friends that are wine snobs. It's great because they typically bring great bottles of wine that I get to enjoy for free. I like to look for cheaper bottles that are still good. The Show is one of my favorite cheap cabs.

  2. Great minds thing alike... we too have these pillows from Pottery Barn!! We bought them last summer and they have held up amazingly well! We have them in the smaller size as well as the extra large size. They look gorgeous on your wicker!

  3. Good for you for getting the wine glasses. Nice that you and your husband can share this wine hobby.

  4. Great glasses! I think my husband recently bought the same or similar ones. We also have the stemless but (unless I'm on a boat) I don't care for them. We had Riedel and they kept getting broken during the WASH process (guests helping and also men's large hands;)so these are a great option. We too enjoy our wine time:) a club members and visit the wine country here in WA and in CA. We don't spend a lot .. good wine is a matter of taste. If it tastes good.. it's good wine!! Your pillows are so pretty ~ PB has some great home decor right now.


  5. I love glasses like that, with that little sharp turn on the side and not a perfectly round side...burgundy! Yum!

    Pillows are great too.
    xo Terri

  6. I could certainly use a glass of wine on the porch right now! Have been busy with loads of laundry and gardening chores (from being away). Fabulous wine glass! Maybe I'll get some for us and Tom's niece, who is starting a new household. Thanks for sharing, Claudia.
    x Loi

  7. They're beautiful, and you'll get so much use out of them. I love the feel of a nice thin glass. Pretty pillow and chair!


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