Saturday, July 6, 2013

Snapshot: My Desk

Hello! I hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July holiday! 

I've been on a cleaning kick lately, and when I tackled my desk I took the opportunity to rearrange a few things. Knowing it wouldn't remain this tidy for long, I snapped a photo to share with you. Here are some details:
  • The photo of the Japanese doll head is by a friend who uses Photoshop to create collages. I really love the doll's face, how she's perched on top of two jade-colored bangles and the touches of red.
  • The calendar and notepad are from Snow & Graham, my favorite paper supplier. I found a local shop that sells some of their products including wrapping paper, which I'm going to stock up on.
  • The black and white tile, which I use as a coaster, is a piece I bought at a local gallery.
  • The desk blotter is an easy DIY project from years ago. I simply taped black corrugated paper on top of heavyweight paper board. It has held up well, but I think it might be time to make a fresh one.
  • The vintage lamp had been in my husband's family for years. He saved it from the trash heap, rewired it and painted the leaves gold. In the lamp's base is a little reservoir where I stash mementos: my dad's Air Force wings, a few coins from our trip to France and a little frog.

On the wall above my desk is a print my husband made using a traditional Japanese technique called gyotaku. The print is of a carp my husband caught (he is normally a catch-and-release fisherman). In the gyotaku process, a freshly caught fish is cleaned and dried before rolling ink onto it.  After the fish is inked, a sheet of slightly moistened rice paper is gently pressed down on top of the fish, then carefully peeled off to produce the print. Once dry, Paul hand-painted some accents in gold, and asked a lady to write "The Golden One" in Chinese. We hope that's what it really says (smile).

A note about the paint color in this room. The walls are Sherwin-Williams Studio Blue Green from their Roycroft Arts and Crafts collection. It's a color my husband chose. At first I was skeptical of a dark color in this small room, but it works nicely and gives the room a cozy feeling.

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  1. That's a GREAT bungalow color! And love the carp print too.


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