Thursday, August 8, 2013

In the Garden

While I was home for lunch yesterday, I snapped some photos in the garden. The zinnias are prolific this year, and butterflies, bees and goldfinches are frequent visitors. Zinnias aren't my favorite flower, but I love how much wildlife they attract, especially the goldfinches, who feast on the flowers' seeds and petals. They are spectacular birds!

The apricot-colored dahlias are growing like crazy. I have been disappointed though that they wilt only a day or two after being cut. I don't recall them fading so quickly in previous years. Even so, they're lovely to have in the house.

Look how tall this plant has grown. It looks to be twice the height of the 4-foot fence next to it. Thanks to some effective staking by my hubby, it's standing nice and upright.

Here's a new bench for the side entry that I purchased earlier this summer at Plow & Hearth. Ella the beagle likes to lay under it for the shade it provides. Even Henry has curled up under it for some relief when he gets too hot. I like to sit here at lunch to soak up a few minutes of sun and visit with the pups before heading back to work.

What's new in your garden?


  1. I really like the second photo :)

  2. New in the garden this week is a beautiful little fig tree. I got it at my local farmer's market from a trusted community gardener who always has the healthiest stock and the best advice. My new hardy fig has pride of place in the front garden bed and fills me with dreams of lovely figs! Now I'll be able to enjoy some of your figgy recipes.

  3. I love seeing the doggies. Can you show them more? :) Your dahlias are so pretty, Claudia. One of my favorite mid-late summer flowers. Wonder why they aren't lasting longer as cut flowers?? I have the same problem with crape myrtles blooms.
    Have a great weekend.
    x Loi

  4. I love and adore zinnias!!! Can't get enough of their color! And they last so long as cut flowers. My Helianthus is doing so well and spreading all over; very cheerful and bright at the front gate, next to my Passion Flower vine which is wanting to take over the entire front fence and gate!! I'll post pictures soon....


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