Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Kitchen Drawer

I realize this post may be a little boring, but perhaps some of you who are into organization will be inspired to choose an area in your home, large or small, to organize.

Early Saturday morning I opened this kitchen drawer to put something away and it hit me: this drawer desperately needed to be organized and cleaned. I took everything out, threw away what was taking up space and not being used (blue handled plastic spatulas from the 70s? Yikes!), and wiped it clean. Then I reorganized based on what I use most. 

My favorite All-Clad measuring cups -- one standard-measure and one odd-measure -- moved to the front of the drawer. I have two extra sets of white plastic measuring cups that I moved to the back (when I cook, I use a lot of measuring cups!). In the very front of the drawer, which you can't see in this photo, are flat-sided wooden chopsticks I use to level flour, sugar and spices when baking. They are some of my favorite tools!

On the left are the spatulas. My husband gave me the extra long one in my favorite color, orange. It's great for scraping down the bowl of my Kitchen Aid mixer. Next to the spatulas are a small strainer (also great for dusting powdered sugar over baked goods) and a Microplane fine grater, which I love and use frequently.

The metal basket corrals smaller items such as tea infusers, small silicone spatulas, a citrus zester, offset spatula, two small whisks, ice tongs and a Tovolo silicone basting brush. I love its stainless steel handle and it comes apart for easy and thorough cleaning.  In fact, one of the things I threw away was a yucky old natural-bristled basting brush, the kind that never gets clean. Eeew. 

In the very back of the basket, not seen in the photo, is a container with small, loose items like corn cob holders, plastic bottle spout tops and a cherry pitting tool. To the right of the basket are chopsticks used for eating, primarily by my husband who loves using them.

It feels great to have this frequently-used drawer pared down to just the items I need regularly, with everything clean and tidy. For now, at least.

What have you organized lately?


  1. Hi Claudia, I love organizing, one of my favorite activities!

    I have been organizing everything in our house since it is on the market. The basement and garage took several days each but it was so gratifying that we are enjoying just gazing at them in their new organized state. Kind of pathetic, I know!

    I use many of the same tools you do, that little brown square thing has come in so handy over the years! And I love the silicone ones too.

  2. Hi Claudia, I don't think this is boring at all:) Nothing worse than an unorganized drawer and fumbling around for something when you need it fast. I have the All-Clad measuring cups too and use them all the time .. also love the spatulas from W&S. The colors are fun!

  3. I do not think this post is boring at all :) I had half the day off, and went shopping at the container store. Getting ready to organize the spaces above the washer and dryer - what a mess! You have a lot of spatulas! That's because you are such a good baker :)

  4. Wow. That is an inspiring drawer. I dread to think what mine looks like. We've only lived in our house two years, and in that time have re-accumulated all the clutter that I'd thrown away in the move. Perhaps I'll tackle that drawer this afternoon...but it might fight back!

  5. Ah...seems Loi and I had the same thought today: I too was at the Container Store!!! Love love love it. I bought a new silverware drawer organizer for all the silver flatware we just brought back from my mother's estate. It doesn't begin to hold it all..but we will be using it now on a daily basis! It's all from the '30's and so well worn and used it's fabulous. She loved it and now I love it. And, of all the dozens there, only one fork is missing! So that was my main organizing event today!

  6. Love the drawer Claudia! I covet the All-Clad measuring cups and can't believe I don't have any! They are now on "the list"!:)
    Kisses to the puppies! xxojoan

  7. Your drawer is nice, thanks for this interesting story.

  8. Being a neat freak myself, I totally enjoyed your post about organizing your drawer. I once had someone remark to me that they had never seen such a neat "junk" drawer than the one in my home. So you see, I relate!

  9. I love things nice and neat too! I few years ago, I got rid of everything in my kitchen drawer and bought everything new and matching...who would think that something so simple could make me so happy :)


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