Monday, November 18, 2013

Silver Earrings

Paul and I attended a crafts fair over the weekend. It's an annual high-end show with artisans from all over the state and the region. We've attended this event several times in the past and brought home some beautiful art. But it's been years since we've attended, so I was quite excited to go. 

There were many jewelers specializing in fine pieces -- lots of shiny gold and silver, semi-precious stones, and very intricate designs. But what caught my eye was the work of a jeweler whose pieces are more organic and slightly industrial in nature. 

When I saw these silver earrings and tried them on, I loved them. My husband -- who had a business making jewelry, years before we met -- bought them for me. We both believe in supporting artists and we're willing to pay a little more for their work. These earrings will go beautifully with other similar pieces I own, like the silver link necklace I splurged on a few years ago. It is my favorite piece of jewelry (not including family heirlooms).

I did some shopping too, buying four pottery mugs, which I'll feature in a future post. Paul and I love pottery, and when he admired the mugs, I thought I'd buy them for his birthday, which is this week. The mugs join many other pottery pieces in our collection, which I've featured here and here.

What we passed on were the wooden wall sculptures by an artist from Georgia. One piece we both liked very much featured a few thousand rusty nails. The way the light and shapes moved when you looked at it from different angles was very cool. The price tag is what kept us from buying it. However, we agreed later that his pieces were too contemporary for our home and decor. They really belong in a modern home or loft with more contemporary furnishings. 

So that's how we spent our Saturday. I hope you enjoyed your weekend too. What fun things did you do?


  1. Sounds like a perfect Saturday, Claudia. Congrats on your beautiful earrings! They have such a lovely, organic fan shape. Look forward to seeing the mugs - perfect for tea, coffee, hot cocoa for the season :) Hope you all are well. Bye for now, L

  2. Those are gorgeous. They look like seed pods - or something plant related.

  3. I agree: I really like to support local artists. We had an art crawl here a few weeks ago where I bought a gorgeous, very unusual vase. But the paintings of one artist…well, they were fabulous. The price kept me from buying one, but I have her cards, website, and all the info. and maybe, just maybe I'll have to buy something in the very near future!

  4. It's great that you support local artists. I recently found a silver necklaces set at my local flea- I think it was vintage 1950s or so. It has so much beauty & charm, it's my heirloom piece to pass onto my kid.


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