Thursday, December 19, 2013

Christmas Details

Welcome! I thought I'd show you some of the simple Christmas decorations from around our home. I'm not one for following trends or changing things up from year to year. Once I find a look I like, I usually stick with it. This year on our front door is a wreath I ordered online from L.L.Bean. It's made of real greenery and  pinecones, accented with faux berries. It has that simple, natural look we like so much.

Indoors, on the dining table, I used the same faux wood, pinecone and white tree candles as I have in years past, mixed with small, real pinecones and faux snow (from Pottery Barn). Everything is set upon a new table runner I purchased from Neiman Marcus. It is  burlap, and the only thing I don't care for is that it "sheds." There was also a mix-up in the shipment: I had ordered the 90" runner, which would have provided a 9" overhang on each end of the table, but they shipped the 72" runner by mistake. There's no overhang, but I like the look, so I kept it. Plus, it was too much trouble to return it. Too bad they don't ship this rolled up in a tube instead of folded a million times -- it's impossible to get out all the creases.

From the chandelier, I have hung silver and pearlescent ornaments, just like I have for years. No changes here.

We bought a very nice, healthy tree this year. It's a nice shape and size -- and we didn't have to move any furniture! We string our tree with colored lights. I think we're one of only two houses on the block with colored lights. I'm a convert. For years my preference had been white lights, but my husband has always preferred colored lights. The past couple of years we draped fresh garland along the porch railing and decorated it with white lights, but this year we skipped the garland. So no white lights for us this year. 

In fact, my husband secretly created a "tree" using a camera tripod that he strung with those large, round old-timey colored lights. He then balled up a string of blue lights and placed them on top. He told me not to peek as he installed his creation in the back yard. When it was dark outside, he had me go to the bedroom window while he plugged in his surprise. I loved it and squealed with delight! I told him we mustn't hide this festive "tree" in the back yard, so it's now in the front of our house below the dining room windows. I'm not sure what the neighbors think, but I love it -- so festive and fun and unique.

Here's a felt poinsettia ornament I made a couple of years ago. They're super easy to make and perfect for a non-crafter type like me!

So, that's a look at our little bungalow decorated for Christmas. Thanks for visiting. I hope you're enjoying a peaceful holiday season. Wishing you and your family a joyful Christmas,


  1. your Christmas decor is beautiful and tasteful. Refreshing too, that it isnt a copy of every other blogger. What has happen to us , seems we are not free thinkers anymore?

  2. Hi Claudia, Everything looks so festive! I forgot that LLBean has wreaths .. and yours looks so pretty on the door. The burlap runner is gorgeous and your faux snow and trees on the table are perfect. Wishing you and your family and Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year.


  3. No use changing what works. It's interesting to see your white tree candles mixed up with the pine cones. I never really realized how much pine cones look like little pine trees. I love the little peak of the tile on your fireplace but no peak of the tripod tree? Merry Christmas to you, too!

    1. Steve, I would love to show you what the tripod tree looks like at night, but that would require, well ... a tripod, in order to get a good photo. I'll see if my husband, Paul, can work out something ...

  4. Christmas decorating is so personal, and I love your beautiful touches, Claudia. Lovely table vignette. I'm actually thinking of colored lights for next year. My mom and dad no longer put up a tree, but when we were young, colored lights would always illuminate our family tree. I miss it.
    Warm greetings for a joyful Christmas!

  5. Lovely decorations! Your house looks very festive. Let the games begin!

    I pull out less and less every year. For the past 2 Christmases, we had new young-ish cats, so no tree. This year, with little Odin in the picture, the tree has been shelved yet again. Or maybe I should just go out and buy even more ornaments, unbreakable this time? (I have a serious addiction to vintage Christmas ornaments. You could say I'm in ornament rehab, because I've been trying to mend my ways).

    Your tripod tree sounds great!

    Enjoy the holidays. I hope you have a great time with family and friends!

  6. your home is so festive! I especially love that felt poinsettia ornament – I actually have a ton of felt just sitting around in my big crafting box that would be perfect for making those. happy holidays, claudia!

  7. Very nice Christmas decorations. I love your tree - it looks a lot like ours. We always put on vintage ornaments (most from family, some from antique stores), and colored lights. We changed over from white lights some time ago. I think the colored ones are so pretty. Yes, it was refreshing to see a "real" tree from a blogger, and I don't mean real vs. artificial (although I can't stand the artificial ones). I mean real in the sense that it's not a trendy decorating accessory with a theme, but a more authentic tree like most of us have, with the ornaments we love and put on the tree every year. The tripod tree sounds fun - I love those old-fashioned big colored lights.

  8. Hi Claudia, love your holiday decorations. so warm and welcoming. Your tree is so pretty, the size looks perfect in the living room. We've collected antique ornaments over the years, I think the small birds that clip on to the branches are my favorite. We also put up colored lights on a real tree. My husband's preference is colored, mine are white so we alternated over the years between the two and now we just hang the colored. I am also a convert! Wishing you a wonderful holiday season! Jane


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