Monday, May 19, 2014

Highlights from an Historic Home & Garden Tour

One of my favorite things to do is to go on home tours, especially of older homes. This past weekend there was a tour in a nearby city that I had learned about Saturday night as I was knitting and watching the local news. I was thrilled to hear the tour was taking place on Sunday, too! And yesterday was the perfect day for a home tour, with temperatures in the mid-60s.

The tour featured eight historic period homes and their gardens. As is true of most home tours, no photography was allowed inside the homes, which I can totally understand. While I would love to share with you the interiors of a couple of the homes in particular, I was respectful of the rules and did not sneak any photos. The outside of the homes, though, was another matter. Here are some of my favorites from the tour.

This adorable English-style stone cottage is as cute inside as it is out. The decorating was eclectic, traditional with a nice mix of antiques and modern touches. The bathroom upstairs is especially unique, as is the kitchen. Both have a rustic, almost European feel. The bathroom features a large, dark wood dresser-turned-vanity with a brightly patterned sink reminiscent of something from Portugal or Spain. Just off the small living room is a little library (to the far left of the house as seen in the photo below) that's full of charm and so very cozy.

I fell in love with the light fixture by the front door, which the owner had had professionally restored and rewired. According to a tour volunteer, it took a long time to source the white glass to replace some original pieces that had been broken or cracked. And those house number tiles are cute, don't you think? 

The window below is the only photo I took from the inside (after asking permission). I just loved the shape of it, how the light was coming in and the pop of red from the geraniums in the window box.

The next house is a 1920s airplane bungalow, a style that is more common on the west coast than in the Southeast. Airplane bungalow style is characterized by a small second story that pops up in the middle of the house, resembling an airplane cockpit. The upstairs rooms also tend to have lots of windows. On the back side of this house, a bedroom had windows on all sides with lovely views.

The next home was the first one we visited on the tour. The outside of this 1928 home in the minimal traditional style is cute, but the inside is amazing! I loved the decorating -- a perfect mix of modern and traditional with some antiques. This home is also full of wonderful artwork throughout. The room on the left side with all the windows is a sun room that features an elegant writing desk, upholstered chair, modern chandelier with white fringe, and a turquoise surf board propped in a corner to add a touch of whimsy. I loved the interior of this house as well as the wonderful deck and landscaped yard, complete with stream and koi pond, below. 

The last house we visited was my husband's favorite, and my second favorite. It is a mid-century modern home built in 1969 with soaring ceilings, two great big fireplaces, exposed brick walls, multiple decks and a very unique kitchen with rustic wooden open shelving. I didn't take photos of the outside because it is a dark brown house literally surrounded by trees. Plus, the outside was not the interesting part (except for the saltwater pool, below). The inside was fantastic. The homeowner is an interior designer and her use of large, antique armoires combined with black and white photography and original artwork, industrial-style light fixtures and vintage accents was very unique and personal. A large dining table, tucked into the corner of the open living space, is surrounded on two sides by banquette seating with lots of pillows and cushions, and chairs along a third side. I could just envision a dinner party at that table, with the adjacent wall of sliding doors open wide to the large deck lit with strings of white lights. What a great home for entertaining! 

I hope you have enjoyed the highlights of the home tour I was able to capture and share with you. Thanks for visiting!


  1. I LUVVVV historic home and garden tours!!! Many do benefit local charities so that is even better. Thanks for sharing - lovely! I never knew the term airplane bungalow! We have quite a few bungalows in DC so I'll be checking to see if any are of that style. Cheers, L

  2. Hello Claudia, nothing beats a home tour on a nice day! Lovely! Glad you found some you like. The last one I went on had so many modern homes - I didn't love any. xo Terri

  3. I wish we could see the interiors but you did a great job of describing them...and, of course, the gardens are lovely.

  4. As you know, I love home and garden tours! I always find it amazing that people are willing to let the world inside such a personal space…but thank you, owners, for giving us this treat! These are just wonderful and each so different and yes, it would be nice to see the interiors!

  5. You know, I almost asked the owner of the mid-Century modern home if I could snap some photos of the inside of her home. I was complimenting her decorating style and she was genuinely appreciative. I think she might have said yes, but there were so many people that I don't think I could have gotten good photos. At least I have memories, however short-term, of the two homes I liked best.

  6. Every single home is adorable! Love them all, but especially the airplane style bungalow. Bungalows are my dream... who can resist that deep porch?!

  7. All so different and all wonderful. Sure wish we could have seen the interiors, too. Sounds like a wonderful time to tour these homes.


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