Sunday, June 8, 2014

Calla Lilies

I didn't need flowers -- just a dozen eggs and a few Siggi's yogurts -- when I ran into Whole Foods the other day. But then I spied these dramatic calla lilies and couldn't pass them up. Funny how that happens. There were also calla lilies in white, pink and lilac, but this deep, red-orange color appealed to me most. I like how their color is similar to the walls in our dining room, where I took this photo. But I chose to put the little bouquet on the coffee table in the living room instead, next to this bowl of shells.

Like the simple white tulips from a couple of weeks ago, these calla lilies brighten the room and brighten my spirits. Not bad for $4.00.


  1. My first reaction was that these were a perfect color for your house. Very pretty.

  2. One of Mother Nature's beautiful gifts! I love the calla lilies' pure form and sculptural lines!!

  3. My Calla Lily just opened up today in the garden! We inherited a few with the house and they are lovely! I'll try to put on Instagram tomorrow. But your color is just stunning: I've never seen them in this red orange!

  4. Beautiful and unique! Sometimes you just cannot pass up a gorgeous bouquet!


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