Monday, June 16, 2014

Porch Sitting and the July Issue of House & Home

Father's Day morning was glorious: sunny with cool temperatures in the low 60s and a steady breeze. Not typical June weather for this part of the country! While my husband was out on a long walk with Ella and Henry at a nearby park, I took our old girl Phoebe on a shorter walk around the neighborhood. She's 15 now, and starting to slow down. I say "starting to" because until recently she has been pretty much the same as always. Plenty of energy and always ready to go! However, in addition to the huge tumor on her chest, we're starting to see other changes: she is weaker in her hind legs and gets winded more readily, especially in warmer weather. So mornings like the one we had yesterday are perfect for her. My heart was full as she pranced along on our walk, in the lead as always. I savor every day she is with us and feeling good.

Once back at the house, I brought her bed out onto the front porch so the two of us could enjoy some porch sitting. Phoebe enjoyed watching the world go by, alert to every passing dog walker. I enjoyed two new magazines: Better Homes and Gardens and House & Home, a Canadian publication that is my favorite magazine. Are you familiar with it?

There is an article in the July 2014 issue of House & Home featuring the Chester, Nova Scotia, home of designer Deb Nelson (read an interview with her here) that I am completely in love with. Her style is totally my style -- lots of white with hits of black and rich wood tones for contrast. The fact that her house has an incredible view of the water makes it even better! Oh how I'd love to step into the pages of this magazine, even if just for a weekend visit ...

Lastly, I thought I'd share with you a couple of photos of our porch planter, which has filled out nicely. The pink impatiens are blooming beautifully (the white ones were, but aren't right now), the fuchsia is so pretty (and has attracted a hummingbird), and the coleus is beginning to trail a bit. I also added to the porch two hanging Boston ferns, the epitome of summertime. Our flag went up for Memorial Day; we'll probably keep it up until after Independence Day, or maybe the whole summer. I love how it looks hanging vertically. 

I hope you're enjoying the start of summer, too. What have you been up to?


  1. Oh Phoebe, I know that look on her face too well, Claudia. It happens so quickly, one is never prepared for the sadness, we just live through it and soldier on. Best wishes to you and hubby. You gave her such a wonderful home.

    I have picked up House and Home at airports on occasion. I love hanging Boston ferns, taking ours to the mountains, Also your coleus planter looks great. We love a flag hanging all summer, cannot find a good place for one in our mountain cottage though. Hope you have a good week, Claudia.

  2. I love the photo of Phoebe on the front porch. I wish I had a bed on my back porch. It's the perfect Sunday thing to do. It's certainly hard to seem them aging, isn't it?

    Your ferns look gorgeous!

  3. What a perfect, perfect day!
    The weather has certainly "turned" here: it's too hot and steamy to do much outdoor sitting, but I swam my 30 minutes at noon which was lovely. Cold soup and salad for dinner!

  4. Thanks for introducing me to this wonderful magazine. I have never seen it before although our local bookstore and our nearby Barnes & Noble both carry "international" magazines. Will be getting a subscription to this gem today! Your blog is such a source of good things.

    Have a good summer

  5. What a sweet old girl you've got there. I just love dogs, always have. Looks like the two of you enjoyed a beautiful day on the porch.


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